Diablo Sf Diablo Sug/free Dk Choc&hazelnut 85g

No Added Sugar. Suitable for those on a sugar-controlled diet. Perfect as a treat, or for a quick afternoon boost. ..

د.ب 1.145

Diablo Sf Diablo Yogh Coat F.fruit Muesli Bar 30g

Diablo Yoghurt & Muesli bars have all the taste, but none of the nasty added sugars. Treat yourself to a humble little snack or eat on the go as breakfast!! ..

د.ب 0.560

Diablo Sf Lime Muesli Bar 30g

Diablo Sugar Free Muesli Bar. No added sugar. Hazelnut ..

د.ب 0.550

Diablo Sf Strawberry & Cream Sweets Bag 75g

Sugar free boiled sweets.Suitable for Vegetarians. Gluten and Gelatine Free ..

د.ب 0.950