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2 Tsp Cap Spoon Display

Description: Tablespoonful cup spoon to accurately dispense the medication. Include hygienic cover. ..

BHD 0.600

Alcohol Applicator Bottle

Description: Convenient, easy to use Reusable Delivers even flow ..

BHD 1.950

Diabetic Carry - All

Description: Securely holds insulin vials, syringes and alcohol swabs with a Velcro closure Includes an I.D. card for emergency Fits into purse or pocket ..

BHD 4.700

Digital Thermometer With Case

Description: Digital Thermometer  Soft tip. Alarm in case of fever. protecting case. ..

BHD 4.800

Ezy-travele Wristband For Motion Sickness

Description: Relieves nausea caused by: Flying, Boating, Driving, Morning Sickness, Chemotherapy, Anesthesia Gently exerts pressure on acupressure point One size fits all ..

BHD 1.300

Flents Deluxe Travel Pillow

DESCRIPTION : One size fits all, both adults and children Made of soft, ultra-suede finish PVC vinyl Easy to inflate Free carrying pouch Fits easily into glove compartment or luggage Ideal fo..

BHD 3.900

Flents Dosing Aid Glass Dropper

Description: Flent Eye & Ear Medicine Droppers. Glass is nonreactive and is the most desirable dropper to use with any proper medication. Ideal for drops in eyes or ears. Also great for medi..

BHD 0.600

Flents Kids Character Fever Readers

DESCRIPTION : Measures temperature in one minute when pressed against forehead. Highest temperature window indicates body temperature Use again and again Cleans easily with a soft damp cloth ..

BHD 1.350

Flents Opti-kit Eyeglass Repair

DESCRIPTION : Contains optical screwdriver, 2 metric & 2 American Standard hinge screws, magnifier, screw starter and case. Plus the Wipe 'N Clear anti-fog cloth for cleaning glass or plastic ..

BHD 1.800

Flents Pediatric Urine Collector

DESCRIPTION : collects urine for infants for medical reason  disbosable adhesive seal to prevent leakage  medically approved ..

BHD 3.150

Lens Cleaning Tissues

Description: Lens polishing cloth Chemically treated to prevent fogging Non-smearing, lint free ..

BHD 0.850

Medicine Twin Spoon

Description: Twin medicine spoon. tablespoonful and half tablespoonful Quick and easy to use. Top rack dishwasher safe. ..

BHD 0.550

Open Nail Finger Splint

Description: ULTRA CONVENIENT: Hook and loop bands ensure a snug fit, make closure easy and eliminate the need for taping. EXTRA PADDED polyester splint will keep your fingers dry, clean, and pai..

BHD 2.750

Shame Lens Cloth

Description: Lens polishing cloth Chemically treated to prevent fogging Non-smearing, lint free ..

BHD 0.850

Tongue Depressor - 10 Pcs

Description: Hold tongue down Disposable. ..

BHD 1.200

Vaginal Cream Applicators

Description: Safe and gentle Easy to use Specially made for use with Premarin Graduated Disposable ..

BHD 1.600