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Intimate Organics

Intimate Organics Gentle Clitoral Stimulating Gel, 30ml

Description: Intimate Organics Clitoral Stimulating Gel contains a blend of certified organic extracts, peppermint oil, natural damiana, L-Arginine and L-Ornithine to increase blood flow to the..

BHD 9.500

Intimate Organics Discover G Spot Stimulating Gel - 30Ml

Description: Intimate Organics G-Spot Stimulating Gel contains a blend of certified organic extracts, Peppermint Oil, Schizandra Chinensis and Fo-Ti, blended with L-Arginine. This unique formul..

BHD 9.500

Intimate Organics Water Based Lubricant Hydra - 60Ml

Description: Hydra is a water based lubricantو glycerine and paraben free and made with certified organic ingredients. Packed in a handy with a flip top cap bottle for easy dispensing its an ex..

BHD 5.250

Intimate Organics Relax Aromatherapy Massage Oil Lemongrass and Coconut - 120ml

Description Intimate Organics Relaxation Massage Oil helps to relax, unwind, and free your mind. It is beneficial for stress, muscle cramps, and tension. Our relaxing massage oil blend contains ce..

BHD 6.990

Intimate Organics Sensual Massage Oil Cocoa Bean and Goji Berry - 120ML

Description: Intimate Organics Sensual Massage Oil helps to create an intimate setting and frees inhibitions for both partners. Our sensual massage oil blend contains certified organic extracts..

BHD 6.990