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Kent (OOOH THATS NICE) Hedonistic Hairbrush

Description: Fed up with brushes that pull,tug and snag hair?  Tired of the constant battle to get the kids to brush their hair? Fear not, help is at hand our unique 'Oooh tha..

BD 7.200

Kent Airhedz Glo Radial Brush

Description: Half radial 9 row, non-scratch, ionic quill brush. For medium-long hair. The ionic quills stimulate the scalp, and remove UV and pollution from the hair shaft. ..

BD 5.300

Kent Art Hedz small,cool and smooth Hair brush Heart & Roses

Description: Kent Art Hedz Hair Brush Kent Art Hedz Hair Brush The smallest, coolest, smoothest hairbrush you will ever own! Non scratch Prevents split ends For all hair types Just a great litt..

BD 3.300

Kent BLACK COMB - 184mm

Description: Kent Black Combs are made with 100 persent hard pressed rubber which is anti-static, chemical resistant, heat resistant and virtually unbreakable. The combs are manufactured in ..

BD 1.500

Kent Brushes Radial Wood Hairbrush For Ladies - 60mm

Description: A medium diameter danta wood, bristle radial brush. A 60mm danta wood radial brush filled with the finest black bristle. Great for creating volume and curls in mid to long length h..

BD 9.500

Kent Coarse & Fine Toothed Pocket Comb

Description: 113mm coarse and fine toothed men's pocket comb.  non scratching.  ..

BD 2.700

Kent COMB (Anti static - Heat resistance - Unbreakable)

Description: 190mm 5 prong styling and lifting comb. Ideal for back combing. No scratching, heat resistant. ..

BD 1.600

Kent Comb (Antistatic - unbreakable - heat resistance) 128mm

Description: 128 mm Comb. Heat resistant, No scratching, unbreakable.  ..

BD 1.400

Kent Coolhog Hairbrush Various Colours

Description: Small, colourful, cushioned, nylon ball-tipped brush For general brushing and styling. Small enough for handbags and also for children. ..

BD 4.300

Kent Finest Comb

Description: Fine teeth comb. Heat resistant, No scratching, unbreakable.  ..

BD 2.700


Description: Large comb for course/ thick hair 175mm course toothed, medium size rake comb.  Ideal for wet, thick hair. Gently comb through hair to keep it in place. ..

BD 3.500


Description: Medium Fine teeth comb. Heat resistant, No scratching, unbreakable.  ..

BD 2.300

Kent Finest THE Hand Made Comb

Description: Hand made comb. Heat resistant, No scratching, unbreakable.  ..

BD 3.900

Kent Finest The Handmade Comb Saw-cut

Description: Fine teeth comb. Heat resistant, No scratching, unbreakable.  ..

BD 3.500

Kent For Men Gel Styler Brush (Short Hair Model)

Description: The quills on this brush contain natural energy from Andosite quartz This energy produces negative ions which have beneficial properties to condition, stimulate, protect and promote ..

BD 4.700