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Qv Face Night Cream - 50 Gm

Description: Safflower oil replenishes lost moisture, visibly improving your skin’s elasticity and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Used nightly, you can wake up to vis..

BHD 11.000

Qv Hand Cream 50g

Description: Nourishes and moisturises your hands. Suitable for sensitive skin. QV Hand Cream instantly delivers the moisture your hands need without a greasy after feel. Its restorative abilitie..

BHD 3.900

Qv Intensive Moisturizer Cream - 100g

Description : Extremely dry and sensitive skin can feel soft and protected with QV Intensive Body Moisturiser. This highly emollient intensive balm not only helps to rehydrate your skin, it also he..

BHD 6.000

Qv Kids Balm - 100 Gm

Description: QV Kids Balm provides gentle but effective moisturisation for children with extremely dry skin. QV Kids Balm is water-free to reduce the chance of stinging. Water-free so it won't s..

BHD 5.600

Qv Kids Cleansing Bar Soap Free - 100mg

Description: A bar enriched with moisturizers, and will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, dermatologicaly tested to be safe with kids. How to use: Wet hands, use the bar to make a lath..

BHD 3.200

Qv Kids Moisturising Cream - 100 Gm

Description: Highly concentrated, non-greasy and easy to apply all over the body, QV Kids Moisturising Cream is suitable for dry, sensitive and itchy skin. It also contains vitamins A (retinyl pal..

BHD 5.750

Qv Kids Wash Soap Free - 200 Ml

Description: QV Kids Wash is a lightly foaming soap-free cleanser, pH balanced to match that of the skin. Fun, colourful microbeads contain vitamins A (Retinyl Palmitate) and E (Tocopheryl Acetate..

BHD 5.700

Qv Lip Balm - 15g

Description: Moisturising balm and SPF 30+ protection helps to keep your lips soft and smooth, even when you’re out in the wind and sun. Softens and protects even dry and sensitive lips. Uniquel..

BHD 3.100

Qv Skin Lotion - 250ml

Description: Non-greasy lotion for dry or sensitive skin. QV Skin Lotion helps relieves and soothes dry skin. With a luxuriously light formulation, it’s easy to apply to all parts of the body. Fo..

BHD 6.000

Qv.bath Oil - 250ml

 Description: Helps Revive dry skin in the bath ,hydrate your skin QV Bath Oil’s whole-body moisture replenishment helps to restore your skin’s natural suppleness and healthy glow. Clear, non-..

BHD 5.300

Qv.cleansinf Bar Soap Free - 100g

Description: QV Bar is enriched with moisturisers, and will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. How to use: Wet skin, apply QV Bar to desired area. Rinse, pat skin gently dry. Do no..

BHD 3.300

Qv.face Cleanser - 250 Ml

Description: Enriched with Safflower oil, this gentle and lightly foaming cleanser is ideal for dry and sensitive skin types. Use morning and night for a healthy glow and soft, supple skin. Added..

BHD 7.500

Qv.face Day Cream- 75gm

Description: Gently formulated for daily moisturising, QV Face Moisturising Day Cream also offers SPF 30 protection to help buffer your skin against damage and premature ageing by the sun’s UV ray..

BHD 8.500

Qv.heel Balm - 50gm

Description: QV Feet Heel Balm uses an effective blend of an alpha hydroxy acid and rich moisturisers to revive the appearance of dry and cracked heels. By exfoliating dead and dry skin, QV Feet H..

BHD 4.750

Qv.moisturising Cream - 250gm

Description: This rich, protective cream replenishes the skin and helps to hydrate dry areas. It contains squalene, a natural component found in the skin’s oil. Areas prone to dryness like the elb..

BHD 9.500

Qv.moisturising Cream - 100g

Description: Cream high concentrated moisturising cream that help prevent dry skin. suitable for daily use on the face and body. Rich smooth cream that is readily absorbed leaving the skin feeli..

BHD 5.600