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About Us

 At Nasser Department Store and Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on reliability and dependability when it comes to your health, beauty and medical needs. Our expert teams in store are always ready to assist you based on your situation and requirements.

We also believe that health can be much more than a medical prescription - sometimes, it can a short stop to smell our latest perfumes, stock up on supplements or a last minute gift for a birthday!

This is why at Nasser, we have just about everything that will ensure good health.

So whether you visit us at a branch or online, you will find anything from medicines to magazines, baby care to beauty products. After all, good treatment is not just about curing someone. It can be about cheering them up too.

The Nasser team are passionate about bringing you the best wellness products available. We constantly strive to discover top-quality products, keep up to date with latest research and advancements in technology to ensure you get the best possible products and advice to start or maintain your heath journey.

We invite you to join us by visiting any one of our branches, shop online with us now and when you are ready, sign up to our Loyalty Program

For more information, visit our corporate site at Bahrain Retail & Corporate Information