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Chicco Wellbeing Pp Bottle For Girls 330 Ml +4m

Wellbeing baby bottle. The Well-Being line is dedicated to lively mums who are full of energy, careful when choosing  SAFE FEEDING BOTTLES but also keen on turning feed-ti..

BHD 3.300

Chicco Babybottle Twist & Turn +18months

Description: Twist & Turn for babies aged 18 months and up: a unique anti-drip design with an opening like a drinks can, it can also be used as a cup for drinking like a grown-up. ..

BHD 3.350

Chicco Brush & Comb Lite Blue

DESCRIPTION : Chicco' range of Brush and Comb included brushes of soft natural bristles and combs with rounded ends that are ideal for baby' delicate scalp. They have large handles that allow easy..

BHD 2.800

Chicco Cotton Tips 64's

DESCRIPTION : Chicco cotton buds are soft and flexible, 100% cotton. Ideal for daily hygiene and grooming. ..

BHD 0.900

Chicco Fast Flow Anti-stagnation Silicone Natural Feeling

DESCRIPTION : This breast pump from Chicco offers you maximum safety during the delicate period of breast-feeding. It is ideal for extracting the residual milk that the baby has not sucked during ..

BHD 3.750

Chicco Latex Soother Physiological Soft 4m+

Description: Physio Soft Soothers, extra soft sensation on the skin, are designed not to disturb baby even during sleep.  It helps the baby’s mouth and tongue action to develop properly and ..

BHD 1.200

Chicco Physiological Soft Silicone Soother Blue 6-12m - 1 Pcs

Description: Extra soft and gentle with the skin. Just like the mother' breast: the soft and thin base allows the lips to close naturally. Ventilation holes: allow the passage of air and reduc..

BHD 2.000

Chicco Physiological Teat Latex +6 Months

Description: Anti-colic valve: removes the risk of any swallowing of air reducing colics, hiccups and reflux Ribbed rings: increase the elasticity and the stretching of the teat simulating the ..

BHD 2.400

Chicco Single Soother Holder

DESCRIPTION : Chicco' pacifier travel case is BPA free and provides you with a way to always know where that extra clean pacifier is located. With it' easy velcro handle, it can be attached to dia..

BHD 2.100

Chicco Soft Spoon +6months

Description: A spoon made of soft silicone, ideal to begin weaning. The Soft Silicone Spoon, thanks to the softness and the flexibility in its tip, lets you delicately feed the child in the most ..

BHD 2.000

Chicco Soother Chain With Clip

Description: Chicco Chain to hold you soother , keep it away from falling down. ..

BHD 3.000

Chicco Well Being Feeding Bottle - 330 Ml +4m

Description: The Well-Being line is dedicated to lively mums who are full of energy, careful when choosing  SAFE FEEDING BOTTLES but also keen on turning feed-times into an ENJOYABLE AND &nbs..

BHD 3.300

Chicoo Physio Silicone 6-12 Glowing - 2 Pcs

Description: Several anti-irritation holes ensure air flow preventing saliva stagnation and leaving the skin free to breathe. Ergonomic shape it adapts to the baby' face, ensuring the right spa..

BHD 2.400

Chicoo Soft Nozzles For Nasal Aspirator Physioclean - 10pcs

Description: The disposable nozzle, with pre-inserted absorbent filter, ensures maximum hygiene. for Nasal aspirator that allows the elimination of nasal secretions that can bother the baby. It of..

BHD 2.200

Mam Night Soother 0+months Twin Pack

Description: Glows in the dark! Allows babies and parents to find the soother again very easily even at night. Feature MAM' patented silk teat made of extremely soft silicone Anatomically correc..

BHD 3.350

Milton Sterilising Fluid 500ml

Sterilises in only 15 minutes Kill 99.9% of germs No need to rinse Solution works for 24 hours Use to sterilise all breastfeeding equipment and baby feeding accessories : breast pump parts, baby ..

BHD 1.990