Baby Accessories
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Babe - Pediatric Intimate Hygiene Gel 200 Ml

BABE - PEDIATRIC INTIMATE HYGIENE GEL 200 ML Very mild gel for the daily care of the children and as a treatment for the diaper rash. ..

BHD 9.000

Chicco Bottle Well Being Angled Bottle Girl Normal - 250 Ml

DESCRIPTION : Special angled teat stays always full of milk to prevent air swallowing and comfortable feeding position for baby' neck. Advanced anti-colic valve designed to prevent air swallowing ..

BHD 4.450

Chicco Brush&comb Pinik

DESCRIPTION : Chicco' range of Brush and Comb included brushes of soft natural bristles and combs with rounded ends that are ideal for baby' delicate scalp. They have large handles that allow easy..

BHD 2.800

Chicco Double Soother Holder Blue

DESCRIPTION : Chicco' pacifier travel case is BPA free and provides you with a way to always know where that extra clean pacifier is located. With it' easy velcro handle, it can be attached to dia..

BHD 3.200

Chicco Frog Rattle

DESCRIPTION : Rattle for hearing development A fun rattle in the shape of animals that stimulates the hearing thanks to the Sound Development Of Colored balls . Tail grabs easy From ergonomic sha..

BHD 3.150

Chicco Multi - Lock

DESCRIPTION : Safety close device to avoid your child from opening fridge, wardrobes, drawers etc.! When baby begins to crawl and stand up and later walk, he becomes more and more curious about e..

BHD 1.800

Chicco Nail Scissor Light Blue

Description: These baby nail scissors are made in stainless steel, have no nickel and have curved blades with rounded points to ensure complete safety during use. Come with cover to hygienically p..

BHD 2.500

Chicco Physio Compact Silicon Soother +12 Month - 2 Pieces

DESCRIPTION : Physio Air, maximum ventilation and maximum  freshness Several anti-irritation holes: to ensure maximum air circulation and avoid saliva stagnation letting the skin free to brea..

BHD 2.400

Chicco Physiological Teat Latex +0 Months

Description: Anti-colic valve: removes the risk of any swallowing of air reducing colics, hiccups and reflux Ribbed rings: increase the elasticity and the stretching of the teat simulating the ..

BHD 1.600

Tommee Tippee Closure To Nature Feeding Bottles 2x260ml

Description: With closer to nature Bottles, switching between breast and bottle feeding becomes easier than ever before. We've designed the unique, easy-latch-on teat shape with breastfeeding e..

BHD 6.600

Tommee Tippee Closure To Nature Vented Bottles - 2*260ml

Description: Colic in infants may be caused by a combination of influences including ingesting air during feeding. The new advanced comfort™ range from Closer to Nature is specially designed to hel..

BHD 8.500

Tommee Tippee Heat Sensitive Spoon - 3 Pcs

Description: Our Heat Sensing Spoons change colour from red to yellow if food is too hot – ideal if you’re using a microwave to heat food, as you can tell at a glance when it’s safe to feed your b..

BHD 2.700