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Baby Feeding & Food
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Aptamil Hypo-allergenic 2 ( Ha 2) Infant Milk ( 6- 12 Months ) 400 Gram

Aptamil HA 2 is designed for babies who are at higher risk of allergy and you cannot, or are no longer breastfeeding. Your baby is at a higher risk of allergy if there is strong family history of all..

BHD 5.400

Cerelac Wheat & Honey From 6 Months 400 G

Description : CERELAC Stage 2 are nutritious wheat-based infant cereals with milk containing containing iron plus bundle (iron,Vitamin C, iodine, omega 3 and Vitamin B1) which help ..

BHD 2.400

Aptamil - 2 Infant Milk (6 - 12 Months) 900 G

Aptamil 2 is a scientifically advanced nutritious follow on formula based on more than 40 years of research in Holland. Aptamil 2 with Pronutra contains a blend of prebiotics, LCPs, Iron, Vitamins A,..

BHD 8.600

Farleys Rusk Original 300g

Description: Farley' Biscuits are instant cereal in biscuit form*. Use as Baby' first finger food, or simply add breast milk, formula or previously boiled water to serve as cereal. Farley' B..

BHD 1.990

S-26 Pro Gold Infant Milk (0 - 6 Months ) 900 Gram

Features:     S-26 Promil GOLD contains unique combinations of important nutrients at proper levels for your growing child including:     Oligofructose (OF) - a prebioti..

BHD 8.400

S26 Lactose Free (lf) Gold Infant Milk ( 0 - 6 ) 400g

Description: S-26 LF GOLD is a lactose free special formula for babies from 0-6 months who are intolerant of lactose and or who have diarrhea. S26-LF GOLD helps resolve lactose intolerance issues whi..

BHD 4.100