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Bath Products

Bath Products
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Soakin Epsom Bath Salt 800g

 product features  100% Pure Natural Salts.  Premium quality Magnesium Sulphate.  Relax & revive tired & aching muscles with our mineral-rich salts. Soakin special..

BHD 2.850

Beauty Formulas Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge

Description This natural charcoal konjac facial sponge from beauty formulas contains a combination of activated charcoal and antioxidants which provides a deep clean to your face. This eco-friendl..

BHD 1.600

Available inside Bahrain only
Kids Fun Soap Penguin Yellow 225ml-58725

Kids Fun Soap Penguin Yellow 225ml-58725


BHD 1.200

Soakin Himalayan Pink Bath Salt 800g

product features 100% Pure Natural Salts.  Premium quality Himalayan Pink Salt.  Detox, cleanse & soften tired-looking skin with our mineral-rich salts. Soakin specialise in ..

BHD 2.850

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Sanctuary Spa Bath Foam Soak - 250ml -50%

Sanctuary Spa Bath Foam Soak - 250ml

Description: A mass of creamy bubbles enriched with natural moisturisers to leave skin velvety-soft. For an indulgent bath-time treat, fill the tub with a foaming mass of creamy bubbles. Enriche..

BHD 4.400 BHD 2.200

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Sanctuary Spa Shower Mousse - 225ml -50%

Sanctuary Spa Shower Mousse - 225ml

Description: Light-as-air lather to cleanse, soothe and protect  Each puff of silky mousse contains a blend of protective vitamin E and B5 along with sandalwood and patchouli essential oils ..

BHD 4.400 BHD 2.200

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Alzara Bath Crystals 1kg

Alzara Bath Crystals 1kg

ZARA BATH CRYSTALS 1KG Crystals from the Dead Sea for the bath. ..

BHD 8.500

Tisserand Realax Essential Oil Rich Bath Soak - 210ml

Description: Unwinding, soothing and softening, Has mellow citrus aroma with fresh floral note. Nurturing organic bergamot oil, Supportive organic lavender oil, Balancing ethically harvested peti..

BHD 5.250

Hydrea Bath Bombs 120 G

Description: Bath Bomb with gentle fragrance to leave your skin soft, fresh and cleansed and your senses awakened.  Four natural fragrances.  How to use:  Run a warm bat..

BHD 2.400

Opal Rose Petal Guest Soap - 30 Leaves

Description: A romantic gesture for any guest room, or just to sprinkle in an indulgent bath, dainty individual fragranced petals of fine quality soap. ..

BHD 1.990

Matey Bubble Bath Pegleg Pirate 500ml-

Description A bubble bath for bubble bath adventures Bath Products and matey bath liquid with a Hypoallergenic formulation Matey bubble bath and bath soak with a skin pH neutral formulation bubb..

BHD 2.845

Westlab Dead Sea Bath Salts For Kids 500g

Description  Softens and Soothes Dry, Itchy Skin. Supports Natural Skin Healing. Suitable for use on skin prone to Eczema, Acne & Psoriasis. Suitable for use from 3 months old. West..

BHD 2.850

Tisserand Neroli & Sandalwood The Bath Soak 200ml

DESCRIPTION Tisserand Aromatherapy Neroli & Sandalwood The Bath Soak has been expertly blended using pure essential oils of soft, floral Neroli, rich Sandalwood, sensual Ylang Ylang and uplif..

BHD 5.905

Tisserand Muscle Ease Bath Oil 100ml

DESCRIPTION To soothe and revive overworked bodies and joints. This warming blend combines 100% natural pure essential oils of invigorating Ginger, refreshing Lemongrass and uplifting Rosemary to..

BHD 6.000

Radox Salts Muscle Soak 400g

Description The original herbal bath salts, Bath salts with expertly blended herbs and minerals to soothe and soak your tired and aching muscles, Thyme scented herbal bath salt and bath product i..

BHD 1.619

Tisserand Total De-stress Bath Oil 100ml

DESCRIPTION For when life is hectic and your mind is overcrowded. Take a moment to slow down & soak worries away with this comforting blend of Geranium, Orange & Nutmeg 100% natural pure ess..

BHD 6.000