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Add a little Luxury to your routine with bath & shower products ( Body Cleansers, Bath Salt, Scrubs, moisturizer ) formulated to give you smooth, clean skin.

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 Bath & Shower
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Dr Organic Manuka Honey Body Wash - 250ml

Description: Bioactive organic Manuka Honey has a host of skin, nourishing and properties. In combination with a proprietary blend of bioactive and organic extracts, this soothing Manuka Honey bod..

BHD 3.800

Johnson Cotton Buds Small 100 Pcs

Description A safer way to clean hard to reach areas with expertly designed buds. Gently cleans and dries baby and grownup ears Clinically proven safe for children Uniquely desig..

BHD 1.250

Available inside Bahrain only
Kids Fun Soap Penguin Yellow 225ml-58725

Kids Fun Soap Penguin Yellow 225ml-58725


BHD 1.200

Hydrea London Exfoliating Body Pad Loofah

Description: For concentrated active body skin-care choose this Organic Egyptian Loofah Pad from Hydrea London. Backed with pure soft Egyptian cotton it is a gentle yet effective way to cleanse yo..

BHD 2.990

Beauty Formulas Essential Wash Hand & Body Wash Apple & Honeysuckle - 500ml

Description : Beauty Formula Essential Wash Hand & Body Wash Apple & honeysuckle  Apple & honeysuckle fragranced essential hand and body wash has been specially formulated To cle..

BHD 1.000

Johnson's Even Complexion Bar 100g

Description JOHNSON'S Even Complexion Cleansing Bar Soap contains skin loving soy and red berry extracts. It helps enhance skin radiance, smoothness and brightness. How to use: Use ..

BHD 0.400

Hydrea London Dual Sided Nail Brush

Description: A premium quality nailbrush made from beautiful dark rosewood with a traditional design. It features a row of stiff angled bristles along the top for cleaning under the nails with ..

BHD 2.400

Johnson's Soap Vita Rich Berry 125g

Description  More than a normal soap bar! JOHNSON'S Vita-Rich Replenishing Bar Soap is enriched with moisturizing glycerin, along with natural raspberry extract. Enjoy the goodness of t..

BHD 0.300

Johnson's Soap Vita Rich Rose Water 125g

Description JOHNSON'S vita rich soothing Bar Soap contains skin loving  rose water. actively hydrates and soothes your skin, keeping it comfortable for 24 hours. How to use: ..

BHD 0.300

Soft And Gentle Shower Wash Unfragrance 250ml

Description  Soft and Gentle Fragrance-Free Daily Shower Wash is a fresh smelling shower gel at is ph balanced perfectly for sensitive skin, leaving it clean, soothed and soft. Fragranc..

BHD 2.380

Hydrea London Carbonized Bamboo Shower Gloves

Description: Be amazed by the remarkable health and beauty benefits of Hydrea London Carbonized Bamboo Shower Gloves. Helping discharge the body of positive ions from the electronic devices of mod..

BHD 3.700

Johnson's Soap Vita Rich Papaya 125g

Description JOHNSON'S Vita-Rich Smoothing Bar Soap is infused with papaya extract and moisturizing glycerin to hydrate and help smooth your skin, leaving it beautifully soft, revitalized and h..

BHD 0.300

Johnson's Soap Vita Rich Pomegranate 125g

Description  JOHNSON'S Brightening Body Soap is infused with pomegranate extract and moisturizing glycerin. Pomegranates are high in antioxidants and other naturals ingredients. Thi..

BHD 0.300