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Add a little Luxury to your routine with bath & shower products ( Body Cleansers, Bath Salt, Scrubs, moisturizer ) formulated to give you smooth, clean skin.

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Beauty Formulas Essential Wash Hand & Body Wash Blueberry & Jasmine - 500ml

Description: Beauty Formula Essential Wash Hand & Body Wash Blueberry& jasmine Blueberry & jasmine fragranced essential hand and bodywash has been specially formulated To cleans..

BHD 1.000

Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts - 1kg

Description: Dr Organic 100% natural Dead Sea Bath Salts are formulated with a proprietary blend of organic bioactive marine extracts to maximise the beneficial health properties of the Dead Sea. ..

BHD 6.285

Dr Organic Rose Otto Body Wash - 250ml

Description: A nourishing daily shower gel based on Organic Rose Otto Oil, Aloe Vera, Limeflower, Chamomile, Passionflower, Calendula plus Geranium and Clove Essential Oils. This organic cocktail ..

BHD 4.285

Dr Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Skin Lotion - 200ml

Description: A super hydrating, skin nourishing tropical lotion rich in triglycerides, antioxidants and cell regenerating proteins. Organic Coconut Oil is renowned for its unique, nutritious, hydr..

BHD 6.285

Hydrea London Japanese Spa Sisal Detox Brush

Drescription: Hydréa London Japanese Spa Sisal Detox Brush - Hard Texture is a beautiful body brush made in the Japanese traditional way. Ideal for wet or dry body brushing to smooth and invigo..

BHD 4.500

Qv Gentle Wash 500 Ml

QV Gentle Wash 500 ml Cleans skin while keeping it soft. For dry and very dry skin. ..

BHD 9.000

Sanctuary Spa Shower Mousse - 225ml

Description: Light-as-air lather to cleanse, soothe and protect  Each puff of silky mousse contains a blend of protective vitamin E and B5 along with sandalwood and patchouli essential oils ..

BHD 4.400

Simple Hand Wash Anti Bacterial - 250ml

DESCRIPTION : Gentle hand cleansing Combing a blend of naturally enhancing, aromatic ingredients that nourish your hands Remove everyday germs and neutralise cooking odours with our Antibacteri..

BHD 2.190

Simple Sooth Shower Cream-250 Ml

DESCRIPTION : Smile it' simple. Our soothing shower cream is a perfect blend of ingredients to nurture and moisturise your skin. Perfect for even sensitive skin. Our special blend of Simpl..

BHD 2.570