Body Moisturizers.

Body Moisturizers.
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Cetaphil, Moisturizing Cream 250 Gram

   Description     - Body - Dry, Sensitive Skin    -  Intense Moisture for Long-Lasting Hydration    -  Skin Immediately Feels Hydrated and ..

BHD 13.360

Johnson's Vita-rich Smoothing Body Lotion With Papaya Extract 400ml

Description Enriched with smoothing Papaya extract and nourishing shea butter, this lotion replenishes dry skin, leaving it soft and radiant. With fast absorbing 24 hour moisture, enjoy al..

BHD 2.300

Johnson's Vita-rich Brightening Body Lotion 400ml

Description : Infused with brightening pomegranate flower extract and nourishing shea butter, this brightening body lotion is a fast absorbing, sweet-scented lotion leaves your skin feelin..

BHD 2.300

Johnson’s Vita-rich Replenishing Body Lotion400ml

Description Infused with skin-loving raspberry extract and nourishing shea butter , this unique formula replenishes dry skin, leaving it soft and revitalized. With fast absorbing 24 hour ..

BHD 2.300

Cetaphil, Moisturizing Lotion 236 Ml

Description     Body & Face     All Skin Types     Lightweight Hydration for Everyday Use     Fragrance Free     Helps..

BHD 10.310

Dr Organic Argan Oil Body Lotion - 200ml

Description: Organic Moroccan Argan Oil is an incredibly rich source of vitamin A, vitamin E, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and phystosterols, vital for healthy looking skin. In combination ..

BHD 6.285

Dr Organic Tea Tree Pure Oil -10ml

Description: Pure Tea Tree Oil, with its antibacterial, cleansing and purifying properties, is suitable for use direct on the skin and especially problem areas such as blemishes, insect bite..

BHD 4.755

Dr Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Skin Lotion - 200ml

Description: A super hydrating, skin nourishing tropical lotion rich in triglycerides, antioxidants and cell regenerating proteins. Organic Coconut Oil is renowned for its unique, nutritious, hydr..

BHD 6.285

Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Skin Lotion Travel Size 30ml

Using the purest organic bioactive Aloe Vera ensures that the plant’s beneficial polysaccharide levels are maximized to help soothe, moisturize and restore dry and sun-exposed skin. The bioactive org..

BHD 1.525

Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm 40 G

EUCERIN AQUAPHOR SOOTHING SKIN BALM 40 G Skin care for very dry and cracked skin. ..

BHD 5.000

Johnsons 24hr Moisture Soft Cream 300 Ml

♦ Johnson's 24Hour Moisture soft cream with shea butter,gently delivers 24hour hydration to help stop the signs of dryness. PRODUCT FEATURES: ♦ Reduce skin tightness ♦ Reduce skin fl..

BHD 2.200

La Roche-posay - Lipikar Baume Ap Body Balm - 400 Ml

Description: Very dry, irritated skin prone to itching. Extreme dryness. Sensitive and atopy-prone skin. Babies, children and adults.  Also suitable for sensitive, very dry, irritated and i..

BHD 15.000

Sanctuary Spa Body Butter Firm - 300ml

Description: As we age, collagen weakens meaning that our skin loses tone, elasticity & firmness. This rich butter is designed to nourish skin, replenishing moisture to restore a full & yo..

BHD 8.300

Sanctuary Spa Hand Lotion - 250ml

Description: Luxurious lotion with nourishing shea butter, lotus oil, aloe vera and a delicate fragrance so you can use it throughout the day Hands need as much care as our faces; exposed and har..

BHD 3.300

Simple Bath Cream Moisturizing - 400ml

DESCRIPTION : moisturising bath cream is a perfect blend of ingredients to leave your skin soft and hydrated. Perfect for even sensitive skin. ..

BHD 2.845

Simple Sooth Shower Cream-250 Ml

DESCRIPTION : Smile it' simple. Our soothing shower cream is a perfect blend of ingredients to nurture and moisturise your skin. Perfect for even sensitive skin. Our special blend of Simpl..

BHD 2.570