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Body Supports
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Flents Deluxe Insty Splint

Description: ULTRA CONVENIENT: Hook and loop bands ensure a snug fit, make closure easy and eliminate the need for taping. EXTRA PADDED polyester splint will keep your fingers dry, clean, and pai..

BHD 1.550

Sorbothane Pro Insoles 3-4.5

DESCRIPTION : SorboSkin Blister Plasters is designed to help blisters and skin damage caused by rubbing and friction. Suitable to cope with the most demanding sports and everyday activities, it pr..

BHD 9.900

Sorbothane Full Strike 5-6.5

DESCRIPTION : Sorbothane’s unique viscoelastic material mimics the characteristics of human flesh and absorbs 94.7% of vibrations on impact. Full Strikes slim lightweight ventilated designed make..

BHD 7.900

Flamingo Light Knee Brace (single)-medium

DESCRIPTION  Provides support, stabilization and controlled compression Partially restrict the movement and also recommended for arthritic knee conditions, minor sprains and mild to modera..

BHD 4.000

Aculife Finger Splint 2 Pack With Velcro

Our top quality splints immobilize and protect injured fingers.  Malleable aluminum alloy adjusts to different finger sizes. Customized fit for better protection. Adjusts to all fingers. Adj..

BHD 3.450

Flamingo Open Patella Knee Cap-meduim

DESCRIPTION  Provides mild compression and support to the knee joint Guides the patella in proper alignment Recommended during sports injury Recommended during old age as well as for peo..

BHD 3.850

Flamingo Premium Knee Cap (pair)-meduim

DESCRIPTION  Provides relief during pain and inflammation Helps in easy movement of the knee Recommended during arthritis, sports injury and post-surgical rehabilitative care with cotton..

BHD 2.800

Flamingo Cast Shoe- Large

Description Lightweight with good aesthetic looks Prevents excessive wear and tear of the plaster protects the plaster cast of the foot from soiling, wetting and mechanical damage  Recom..

BHD 5.500

Sorbothane Shock Stopper Full Strike Insole - Size 7

Description: Sorbothane Full Strike insole is suitable for all types of lifestyles, activities and impact intensity. Designed for activities where the whole foot is subject to impact shock, Full S..

BHD 8.200

Sorbothane Heels Size Small 3-5

DESCRIPTION : Sorbothane’s unique viscoelastic material mimics the characteristics of human flesh and absorbs 94.7% of vibrations on impact. Super lightweight ventilated design. Abrasion-resista..

BHD 4.800

Bort Pedisoft Toe Cushion Left


BHD 2.250

Bort Wrist Brace Large-left

- Padded wrist brace with palm and dorsal reinforcement - Splints individually adjustable and removable - Breathable material provides optimum comfort THE GENERATION-BENEFIT - Can be put on with on..

BHD 8.500

Flamingo Lumbar Sacro Support (premium)- Large

Description  Helps in maintaining the lumbar and sacral region in a neutral position to provide relief from low back pain Helps in immobilization and provides perfect support to the back ..

BHD 11.500

Sorbothane Medical Blue Insoles 6 (38/40)

Absorbs shock associated with foot strike Slimline, lightweight construction Pain relief for various injuries Helps prevent recurrence of old injuries ..

BHD 9.900