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Body Supports
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Bort Back Bandages - Small


BHD 32.200

Sorbothane Double Strike 5-6

DESCRIPTION : Sorbothane’s unique viscoelastic material mimics the characteristics of human flesh and absorbs 94.7% of vibrations on impact. Super lightweight ventilated design. Abrasion-resista..

BHD 7.900

Bort Rib Belt Large


BHD 12.900

Bort Wrist Support-medium

DESCRIPTION : Elastic support  Velcro fastening Easy to wear Tenosynovitis, strains and after removal of plaster cast ..

BHD 4.950

Bort Pedisoft Toe Cushion Left


BHD 2.250

2 Side Finger Splint

Description: ULTRA CONVENIENT: Hook and loop bands ensure a snug fit, make closure easy and eliminate the need for taping. EXTRA PADDED 0.25 inch polyester splint will keep your fingers dry, clea..

BHD 1.300

Bort Hernia Aid-small

- Elastic compression support for umbilical hernia - Anatomically concaved umbilical hernia pad, with adhesive layer for individual positioning - Two supporting splints - Elastic, breathable fabric w..

BHD 20.300

Bort Rib Belt For Women


BHD 12.900

Bort Rib Belt X Large


BHD 12.900

Sorbothane Pro Insoles 3-4.5

DESCRIPTION : SorboSkin Blister Plasters is designed to help blisters and skin damage caused by rubbing and friction. Suitable to cope with the most demanding sports and everyday activities, it pr..

BHD 9.900

Sorbothane Sorbo Pro Total Control Insoles - Size 7

Description: Sorbothane Sorbo-Pro insole is suitable for all types of impact intensity sports activities. Designed for the sports person who demands ultimate dual protection to achieve maximum per..

BHD 11.400

Bort Calf Support-large

DESCRIPTION : Compression calf support After injuries to the calf, for treating sports injuries, for example ruptures of the muscle fibre, muscle injury ..

BHD 6.200