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Body Supports
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Flamingo Light Knee Brace (single)- Xl

DESCRIPTION  Provides support, stabilization and controlled compression Partially restrict the movement and also recommended for arthritic knee conditions, minor sprains and mild to modera..

BHD 4.000

Flamingo Knee Immobilizer -xl

DESCRIPTION Recommended for surgically or non surgically treated knee joint Perfect for post-treatment for strain, sprain, and fracture-dislocation Available in different  sizes ..

BHD 11.650

Flamingo Premium Varicose Vein Stocking- Large

DESCRIPTION  Provides controlled compression to the legs which help in backflow of blood Available in open design which helps in providing ventilation and comfort Recommended for people s..

BHD 8.000

Flamingo Maternity Belt-xl

DESCRIPTION provides support to the abdominal region  Balances body weight with the upper body and shoulder. Supports the baby. Relieves pain in back, legs and abdomen  reducing th..

BHD 5.500

Flamingo Thumb Spica Splint -medium

Description  Provides support to the ligament as well as immobilizes thumb Recommended during thumb fracture and sprains Available in different sizes ..

BHD 3.000

Bort Heel Cushion Size B

PRODUCT-BENEFIT - Silicone heel cushion for shock absorption - Reduction of impact load on the ankle, knee and hip joints and the spine - Shell-shaped heel - Height: 6 mm (0.2 inches) - Pack: Pair T..

BHD 9.000

Flamingo Universal Shoulder Immobilizer- Xl

DESCRIPTION  Easy to wear Provides immobilization of shoulder joint Flexibility to wear both on the left and right side Presence of soft cushion to ease pressure around the neck Recomme..

BHD 5.500

Universal Insty-splint

Description: No tape required. Fits any finger. Attaches with hock and loop straps. ..

BHD 1.400

Sorbothane Insoles Cush"n" Step 5-6.5

DESCRIPTION : Sorbothane® is a proprietary visco-elastic material. Sorbothane® absorbs up to 94.7% of impact shock before it enters the body It helps protects the entire body from damage due to ..

BHD 9.500

Flamingo Tubular Support (below Knee)-xl

DESCRIPTION  Reduces oedema, provides uniform compression ensuring people experience relief from pain Recommended for varicose veins, spider veins, burns and post injury recuperation Idea..

BHD 5.200

Tennis Elbow Extra (small)

DESCRIPTION : The Vulkan Tennis Elbow Support provides therapeutic heat and compression which is effective in relieving the pain of Tennis Elbow. In addition, the adjustable Velcro strap can be fa..

BHD 5.500

Deluxe Insty Splint Medium 3

Description: ULTRA CONVENIENT: Hook and loop bands ensure a snug fit, make closure easy and eliminate the need for taping. EXTRA PADDED polyester splint will keep your fingers dry, clean, and pai..

BHD 1.500

Flamingo Open Patella Knee Cap-large

DESCRIPTION  Provides mild compression and support to the knee joint Guides the patella in proper alignment Recommended during sports injury Recommended during old age as well as for peo..

BHD 3.850

Bort Cervical Support 9cm - Small

PRODUCT-BENEFIT - Anatomical cervical support for stabilisation of cervical spine - Soft, open-pored foam - With recess for larynx - Adjustable Velcro fastening - For children too COLOURS: white (N..

BHD 9.300

Bort Wrist Bandage Closed Form (m)

DESCRIPTION : Elastic support  Velcro fastening Easy to wear Tenosynovitis, strains and after removal of plaster cast ..

BHD 2.950

Sorbothane Sorbo Pro Total Control Insoles - Size 9


BHD 11.400