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Chocolate Love Organic Dark Choc Pomgranate 70% 80g

Description & features The cacao originates from Madagascar, valued worldwide for its unique flavor notes, with hints of citrus and natural sweetness. Pomegranate is tart and Madagascan..

BHD 1.900

Chocolate Love Organic Rich Dark Choc 71%

Description & features First encounter notes of red berries followed by fresh slightly acidic notes, a generous complex taste, finishing with a delicious chocolatey flavor and an excelle..

BHD 1.900

Chocolate Love Organic Choc With Coffee 55% 80g

Description & features This is an elegant chocolate bar with a real but subtle taste of coffee (Arabica). Coffee flavors provide a little kick, perfectly complementing the chocolate tast..

BHD 1.809

Chocolate Love Organic Creamy Dark Choc & Cacao Nibs 55%

Description & features Creamy chocolate with cacao nibs (the inside of the cacao beans) for a gorgeous crunchy texture bringing a lightly roasted flavor. Also a great melt and the added p..

BHD 1.900

Chocolate Love Organic Dark Choc Panama Chocolate 80%

Description & features This pleasingly high-percentage chocolate is full-bodied yet mild, decadent and incredibly smooth with hints of nuts and an extraordinary chocolate flavor, ideal fo..

BHD 1.900

Chocolate Love Organic Dark Choc Caramel/sea Salt 55%

Description & features To all the fans of sweet and salty pairings; an intriguing combination. The fusion of the caramel crunch and the dash of sea salt create a deliciously naughty flavor ..

BHD 1.900

Chocolate Love Organic Dark Choc Oil 65%

Description & features The natural oil from cold pressing the ripe fruit peels of fresh oranges gives this chocolate an incredible zesty yet mellow taste with beautifully well-balanced fla..

BHD 1.900

Chocolate Love Organic Dark Choc Crunch 67%

Description & features The natural peppermint oil provides a fresh yet mild flavor and the combination of peppermint, the crunchy texture, and dark chocolate make for a bar simply irresisti..

BHD 1.900