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Dcl C Scape Eye Cream - 15 Ml

Description: An enlightening elixir packed with an innovative dual Vitamin C complex to help erase every last trace of under eye fatigue.  Special moisturizers hydrate, firm and smooth skin,..

BHD 27.500

Dcl C Scape Time Release Day Serum - 30ml

Description: Triple Anti-Aging Protection during the day Antioxidant protection from the environment Promotes collagen production Improves firmness of skin and evens skin tone. How t..

BHD 37.490

Dcl C Scape Night Booster - 30ml

Description: An age-preventing, collagen-boosting dynamo formulated with a 30% concentration of L-ascorbic acid, plus a ground breaking Vitamin C complex that are gently released into skin both im..

BHD 36.190

Dcl Strengthening Shampoo - 355ml

Description: A gentle daily shampoo that thoroughly cleanses while helping to repair and protect all hair types from future damage with Ceramide-2. Advanced moisturizers soften and smooth, leavin..

BHD 7.600

Dcl High Potency Body Lotion For Dry Skin - 237ml

Description: Lightly exfoliates skin with Lactic Acid. Urea and Glycerin help to hydrate the skin. Perfect for extra dry areas such as the feet, elbows or knees. How to use: Apply to a..

BHD 8.250

Dcl Quick Recovery Post Treatment Sensitive Skin - 104ml

Description: This soothing super hydrator is recommended for use following laser, chemical peel, microdermabrasion, sunburn and prescription treatments. Helps reduce redness and skin irritation p..

BHD 24.000

Dcl Post Peel Quick Recovery 74ml

Description  DCL Quick Recovery Post-Treatment Cream 2.5 oz. is ideal for soothing skin after laser treatments, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. This calming cream helps ease redness..

BHD 18.000