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Dental Floss & Tape

Dental Floss & Tape
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Elgydium Clinic Dental Floss Fluoride Mint 35 M

Waxed floss with fluoride. Disinfects in depth. Refreshing mint flavor. Floss 35 m. ..

BHD 1.400

Beauty Formulas - Mint Advanced Fluoride Dental Floss 100metres

Active oral care advanced mint waxed dental floss, with fluoride helps remove plaque from the areas between teeth, where a toothbrush cannot reach. Pack Size - 100 metros ..

BHD 1.300

Elgydium Clinic Dental Floss Expanding Anti Plaque 25m

Waxed expanding floss. Refreshing mint flavor. Expands between the teeth. Floss 25m. ..

BHD 1.400

Flents Ezy Floss

DESCRIPTION : Freshens breath help prevent decay and gum disease  helps fight plaque. ..

BHD 2.300

Tepe Dental Stick Slim - 125 Pcs

Description : Slim dental stick, fluoride impregnated. For tighter interdental spaces. 125 dental sticks per box.  ..

BHD 1.500

Tepe Mini Flosser

DESCRIPTION : TePe Mini Flosser is a pre-loaded dental floss holder for easy and comfortable cleaning between the teeth. It is especially useful for those who find regular dental floss difficult t..

BHD 1.900

Beauty Formulas - Advanced Dental Floss 100metres

DESCRIPTION : Beauty Formulas Active Oral Care Dental Floss helps to removes stubborn, hard to reach plaque from areas between teeth. The 100 meters’ dental floss is easy to use and is anti-s..

BHD 1.300

Johnson's Reach Dental Floss Waxed 50m

Description JOHNSON'S Reach Waxed Dental Floss is shred resistant and slides easily to remove plaque. Helps to  remove plaque between teeth to help prevent gum disease. Direction..

BHD 1.100

Beauty Formulas Active Oral Care Mint Advanced Fluoride Dental Tape 50 Metres Waxed

Beauty Formulas Active Mint Fluoride Dental Tape helps to remove stubborn, hard to reach plaque from areas between teeth. The 50 meters’ mint flavour dental floss is easy to use and is anti-shred den..

BHD 1.250

Oral B Floss Super 50m

Description  Oral-B Super Floss is ideal for cleaning braces Cleans around appliances and between wide spaces Removes plaque under the gumline Supplies you with pre-measured strands a s..

BHD 1.700