Piston Aerosol

Piston Aerosol
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Pic Saline Solution Rinoflux 5ml 20vials - 39101.50

In both adults and children, mucus blocking the nose can cause problems which, if neglected, can lead to more serious infections of the airways. For this reason, proper cleaning of the nasal tract is..

BHD 2.600

Air Project Medcup


BHD 1.800

Rossmax Mini Nebulizer Nb60

Description NB60 - Super Mini Piston Nebulizer Particle size created by our VAT bottle is around 2.339 μm (MMAD) tested by Cascade Impactor. Compared to most bottles in the market, our proprietary ..

BHD 29.900

Mabis Compressor Nebulizer

product features Designed to effectively deliver aerosol medication therapy. Stylish and lightweight for versatile, convenient use. Built-in carrying handle facilitates convenient portabi..

BHD 26.000

Pic Project Ultrasound Aerosol

DESCRIPTION : Technological innovation makes electronic and ultrasound nebulisers available for inhalation therapy. Their operation is based on the fact that the ultrasonic waves generated by a ..

BHD 66.800

Pic Stone Hot Humidifier

DESCRIPTION : The warm mist humidifier of the new Stone range features an elegant, compact, and discreet design It sprays out water, spreading a continuous flow of healthy, bacteria-free mist into..

BHD 31.200

Pic Aerosol Mr. Hippo

Description: MR Hippo Apparatus for piston aerosol suitable for children: the shape hippopotamus, with lineemorbide and soft colors, is designed to entertain and soothe during laterapia. It fea..

BHD 29.500

Pic Stone Cold Humidifier

The cool mist humidifier of the new Stone range features an elegant, compact, and discreet design, ideal for every room of the house. It silently ensures an optimal room humidity rate, without the ri..

BHD 34.800

Pocket Air Portable Nebulizer Mbpn002

Description Light, compact and powered by batteries. Daily treatments could be done anywhere. Delivers approved inhalation medications with minimal residual volume. No noise disturbance dur..

BHD 47.000

Pic Air Project Aerosol Kit

DESCRIPTION : The ultrasound aerosol kit contains all the accessories necessary for treatment the with PiC ultrasound aerosol: mask for adults and children, mouthpiece, nasal fork and connecting t..

BHD 6.100

Pocket Chamber Inhalation Device

POCKET CHAMBER INHALATION DEVICE The smallest and most effective aerosol device designed for use with metered dose inhalers, provides a high concentration of respirable aerosol for the effecti..

BHD 6.000

Mabis Ultrasonic Nebulizer

product features The smallest and quietest unit yet. Produces a fine mist for advanced medication therapy.  Medication delivery through mouthpiece, nasal piece or mask. "Mini" size fit..

BHD 48.000

Pic Airtwist Aerosol Piston

Description: Maximum freedom of movement. thanks to its rotating system, provides freedom of movement during treatment.  As a matter of fact, AirTwist rotates allowing the person using the a..

BHD 36.900

Aerochamber Plus Inhaler Device For Infant (0-18 Months)

AeroChamber PLUS INHALER DEVICE For Infant (0-18 months) Is a medium volume device with Infant mask. For use with all pressurised inhalers for age (0-18 months). ..

BHD 10.275

Pic Airfamily Piston Aerosol

Description: The ideal, practical aerosol for the entire family.  AirFamily is an aerosol for the entire family and, as a matter of fact, it comes with a AirSoft 2 in 1 mask for adults and chi..

BHD 35.000

Pic Aerosol Kit

Description: Aerosol kit with Side stream nebulizer cup: more effective in half the time. Soft 2 in 1 mask. Include: Soft 2 in 1 mask for adults and children. Connecting tube. Nose Fork. Mou..

BHD 5.200