Diagnostics & Monitoring
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One Touch Delica Lancets 30 G / 0.32mm 100 S

ONE TOUCH DELICA LANCETS 30 G / 0.32 MM 100 S Sterile lancets designed for comfortable testing , for use with OneTouch Delica lancing device. ..

BHD 4.900

One Touch Select Plus Machine (meter+2pkts Strips)

Description  One Touch Select PLUS Machine (Meter+2pkts strips) KIT INCLUDES: one toutch select blood glocose meter 2x50 one touch select stripes 3 colors range  indicators&..

BHD 26.995

One Touch Select Plus Strips 50 Pieces

Description One toutch select plus test strips for blood glucose testing with one touch select family meters accuracy you can trust     ..

BHD 11.380

One Touch Select Strips 50 S

ONE TOUCH SELECT STRIPS 50 S Test strips for blood glucose testing with the One Touch Select family meters. ..

BHD 10.900

One Touch Verio Strips 50 S

ONE TOUCH VERIO STRIPS 50 S Test strips for use with One Touch Verio Family of Meters. ..

BHD 15.360

Pic Self Check Blood Pressure Monitor

DESCRIPTION :  The automatic blood pressure monitor for hypertension sufferers that allows them to measure their blood pressure regularly and anywhere.  Equipped with hypertension indic..

BHD 25.600

Tensio Flash Blood Pressure Monitor ( Wrist )

Description: 60 memory storage with date and time stamp allows to review readings with the touch of a button Tested and validated for accuracy Hypertension Indicator advises if your reading exce..

BHD 24.000

Thermoflash Evolution Thermometre Sans Contact

The evolution of the LX-26, first infrared thermometer without contact, for precision more fine and easy operation.  The LX-26 Evolution is equipped with advanced technology MicroSecondFlash ™, a f..

BHD 26.400