Diagnostics & Monitoring
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One Touch Select Machine + Test Stripes (special Offer )

DESCRIPTION  ONE TOUCH SELECT MACHINE + TEST STRIPES (SPECIAL OFFER ) KIT INCLUDES: one toutch select blood glocose meter 10 one touch select stripes lancing device 10 sterile la..

BHD 26.575

Accu-check Performa Machine

Product Description Display: Large LCD display with symbols Auto Power Off: After 2 minutes undisturbed with strip inserted, or if powered on but left und..

BHD 23.000

Mabis Compressor Nebulizer

product features Designed to effectively deliver aerosol medication therapy. Stylish and lightweight for versatile, convenient use. Built-in carrying handle facilitates convenient portabi..

BHD 26.000

Omron Nebulizer Ne C803

product description & features Its compact size enables efficient nebulization on the go.  quiet compressor further enhances the stress-free relief of asthma, COPD, bronchitis and othe..

BHD 26.900

Pic Digitest Lancets - 200pcs

Description: Sterile lancets for capillary prick tests.  Indispensable for diabetics in finger prick blood glucose testing.  PiC Digitest Sensitive sterile lancets have been designed f..

BHD 3.700

Pic Infrared Thermometer Thermoeasy

Description: THERMOEASY is an infrared forehead thermometer to measure the temperature in contact. Simple and intuitive It offers a comfortable and fast measurement of simplicity. In fact, just p..

BHD 22.400

Pic Project Ultrasound Aerosol

DESCRIPTION : Technological innovation makes electronic and ultrasound nebulisers available for inhalation therapy. Their operation is based on the fact that the ultrasonic waves generated by a ..

BHD 66.800

Pic Stone Hot Humidifier

DESCRIPTION : The warm mist humidifier of the new Stone range features an elegant, compact, and discreet design It sprays out water, spreading a continuous flow of healthy, bacteria-free mist into..

BHD 31.200

Pic Travel Check Blood Pressure Monitor

Description: USB port to download information to your computer. With 2 memory zones to save results. easy to position and instant reading. Date and time of measurement 120 measurements divided..

BHD 31.500

Thermosoft Electronic Digital With Soft Mouth Piece

Description: The basic thermometer for a secure, fast and accurate temperature measurement, with 3 possible modes of measurements: rectal, oral or axillary.  ..

BHD 2.300

Visiomed Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Armband

Description: The armband blood pressure monitor that combines simplicity and accuracy. TensioFlash® KD-558 has been conceived with Fuzzy-Logic technology, a technical measurement with a reliable a..

BHD 14.400

Visiomed Tensio Flash Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Description: 60 memory storage with date and time stamp allows to review readings with the touch of a button Tested and validated for accuracy Hypertension Indicator advises if your reading exce..

BHD 26.400