Diagnostics & Monitoring
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Thermosoft Electronic Digital With Soft Mouth Piece

Description: The basic thermometer for a secure, fast and accurate temperature measurement, with 3 possible modes of measurements: rectal, oral or axillary.  ..

BHD 2.300

Stethoscope Stainl Steel Cardio Burgundy

DESCRIPTION :  The precision chest piece is made of solid stainless steel. The tubes, which are available in many different colours, with their integrated stainless steel head pieces offer th..

BHD 91.000

Visiomed Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Armband

Description: The armband blood pressure monitor that combines simplicity and accuracy. TensioFlash® KD-558 has been conceived with Fuzzy-Logic technology, a technical measurement with a reliable a..

BHD 14.400

Tensoval Comfort Classic Blood Pressure Monitor

Description Fully automatic blood pressure monitor for measurements on the upper arm based on the oscillometric method; extra large digital display, memory function stores 60 readings and mean va..

BHD 30.760

One Touch Verio Machine (2 Strips+ Meter)

ONE TOUCH VERIO MACHINE (2 STRIPS+ METER) Blood glucose monitoring system, for Insulin users. ..

BHD 29.515

Pic Air Project Aerosol Kit

DESCRIPTION : The ultrasound aerosol kit contains all the accessories necessary for treatment the with PiC ultrasound aerosol: mask for adults and children, mouthpiece, nasal fork and connecting t..

BHD 6.100

Pic Digital Semiauto Sphygmomanometer

Description: Contains sphygmomanometer and stethoscope It offers the complete pressure measurement experience, combining Classic Med manual meter and automatic feature High sensitivity of the st..

BHD 21.500

Pocket Chamber Inhalation Device

POCKET CHAMBER INHALATION DEVICE The smallest and most effective aerosol device designed for use with metered dose inhalers, provides a high concentration of respirable aerosol for the effecti..

BHD 6.000

Thermofluo Electronic Thermometer

Description: Precision combined with the basic simplicity. Easy to use and temperature measurement ..

BHD 2.100

Mabis Ultrasonic Nebulizer

product features The smallest and quietest unit yet. Produces a fine mist for advanced medication therapy.  Medication delivery through mouthpiece, nasal piece or mask. "Mini" size fit..

BHD 48.000

Oregon Scientific Pfa112 Body Fat Pocket Analyzer

Description  OREGON SCIENTIFIC BODY FAT POCKET ANALYZER Measures body fat ratio and Body Mass Index (BMI) Stores nine individual sets of personal data and previous body fat ratio level ..

BHD 38.000

Accu-check Performa Machine

Product Description Display: Large LCD display with symbols Auto Power Off: After 2 minutes undisturbed with strip inserted, or if powered on but left und..

BHD 23.000

Beurer Talking Blood Pressure Monitor Bm49

Description  The speaking blood pressure monitor for the upper arm issues measurements acoustically in addition to showing them on the display. The volume can be adjusted and it is also poss..

BHD 34.000