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Johnson's Nourishing Facial Cleansing Wipes For Dry Skin 25's +1 Free

Description Formulated for dry skin, nourishing wipes cleanse, hydrate and restore natural softness, sweeping away make-up and the residues, leaving your skin cleansed and hydrated. Tested as s..

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Avene Trixera Emollient Cream 200 Ml

Benefits : Rich formula nourishes and moisturizes Calms itching Restores skin' natural barrier Suitable for use on the face and body Suitable for infants, children and adults..

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Beauty Formulas Cocoa Butter Body Conditioning Cream 100ml

Description: Softens, smooths and tones. Penetrates and moisturises to eliminate dryness leaving skin firm and supple. Revives and restores the skins healthy glow. ..

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Galderma Nutraderm Lotion  - 200ml

Galderma Nutraderm Lotion - 200ml

DESCRIPTION : Nutraderm lotion and cream are emolient formulations that restore and retain skin moisture. The lotion and cream are non greasy oil in water emulsions the immediately hydrates dry s..

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Joelle Paris Jglow Facial Toner 200 Ml -25%

Joelle Paris Jglow Facial Toner 200 Ml

The toner benefits the dual effect of enhancing skin freshness, balancing pH levels of the skin and removing excess oils and impurities. ..

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L'oreal Extra Ordinary Facial Oil 30ml

DESCRIPTION : Extraordinary Rebalancing Facial Oil helps support the skin’s moisture balance; skin feels nourished with moisture without causing greasiness. Pores appear tightened, leaving a more ..

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Laino Hand Cream Pro Intense 2pcs * 75ml

Description: Nourishes and hydrates chapped and damaged hands Repairs and regenerates thanks to a hydrating combination of Shea butter, Beeswax and Glycerine Provides long-lasting protection ag..

BHD 4.500

Laino Intense Nourishing Body Care - 200ml

Description: Intensely and sustainably nourishes very dry or atopic-prone skins (Olive oil (5%) and glycerine (20%)) Calms itchy sensations (Enoxolone 0,1%)Reconstitutes affected hydrolipidic fi..

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Laino Smooth Cream Body Lotion Shea Butter - 500ml

Description: Rehydrates immediatly and calms durably Smoothes the skin Prevents from water evaporation, decrease dehydration Apply easily, rapidly absorbed Fluid and non-greasy texture, with ..

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Laino Ultra-nourishing Hand Cream Olive Oil - 50ml

Description: Ideal for hands that are very dry year-round, damaged by hard water, household products and the sun Immediately hydrates* and nourishes Rapidly absorbed thanks to its non-greasy te..

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Olay Double Action Day Cream - 50ml

OLAY DOUBLE ACTION DAY CREAM 50ml Daily stress and exposure to the environment strip your skin of its natural moisture. With Olay Double Action Day Cream you can replenish the skin’s natural moistur..

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Olay Regenerating Day Cream -50ml

OLAY REGENERIST CREAM REPLENISHMENT 50ML Regenerist Replenishing Day Cream provides dramatic skin improvement without drastic measures. Intensively hydrating, the Replenishing Cream contains our ami..

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Sunsense Todler Milk - 50 Ml

Sunsense Todler Milk - 50 Ml

Description: Help protect against sun burn suitable for toddler and delicate skin How to use: Apply before exposure to sun by 15 minutes,  reapply after 2 hours ..

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Sunsense Ultraspf +50 -  125ml

Sunsense Ultraspf +50 - 125ml

Description: Easily applied and readily absorbed, SunSense Ultra provides even coverage for better protection. Great sunscreen the whole family can use. Suitable for all skin types. How to us..

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Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Hydrating Cream -40ml

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Hydrating Cream -40ml

Description: Vichy Thermal Spa Water already known for its regenerative and soothing properties, has a new power: by opening the intercells gateways, it allows active ingredients to circulate in e..

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Vichy Ideal White Whitening Replumping Gel Cream - 50ml

Vichy Ideal White Whitening Replumping Gel Cream - 50ml

Description: Purifying Peony + Patented DRM-WHITE technology to correct pigmentation disorders. Tested on Asian sensitive skin under dermatological control. Soothing and fortifying Vichy Therm..

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