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Shop Ducray at Nasser - Offering a wide range of products for skin, scalp and hair care, Ducray offers products for the initial management of hair and skin problems; products complimentary to medical prescriptions and hair and skin maintenance products.

Ducray Creastim Lotion (spray) 2 X 30 Ml

Description: Enriched in creatine, vitamins and tetrapeptide Ducray Creastim Anti-hair Loss Lotion 2 x 30ml is the ideal solution in case of occasional hair loss. Thanks to its combination of acti..

BHD 32.025

Ducray Elution Shampoo 300 Ml

Description: Elution shampoo is particularly recommended in intermediary care of treatment shampoos, in particular after an anti-dandruff treatment, when scalp is weakened and needs to be soothed...

BHD 7.770

Ducray Extra (doux)-gentle Shampoo 400 Ml

Description: is suiable for the whole family' delicate hair. Its original formula with moisturising active ingreditens and a very mild washing base increase hair' natural resistance and strength. ..

BHD 9.555

Ducray Kelual Ds Shampoo 100 Ml

Description: Used for cases of Severe pellicular states, squamous states of the scalp, itchings and rednesses of the scalp. How to use: Apply, lather by massaging the scalp. Let it for &nbs..

BHD 8.925

Ducray Kelual Emulsion 50 Ml

Description: Emulsion eliminates the scales and soothes the irritation of the face and the scalp. Used as a complement to treatments for facial seborrhoeic dermatitis and cradle cap in infants, K..

BHD 8.820

Ducray Kertyol- Pso Shampoo 125ml

Description: Red flakes covered with more or less thick scales appear on the scalp. This shampoo helps eliminate scales and calms redness and itching. How to use: Apply to a damp scalp ..

BHD 8.400

Ducray Melascreen Depigmentant Cream 30 Ml

Description: Used for sun induced hyper pigmentation and brown spots  How to use: Apply morning and evening on previously cleansed face Use for a period of 3 months. ..

BHD 25.200

Ducray Melascreen Eclat Skin Lightening Light Cream Spf15 40 Ml

Description: Melascreen Eclat lightens and evens the complexion, in particular in case of irregular pigmentation.  The skin' radiance is restored. Its fluid and moisturising texture, enrich..

BHD 25.200

Ducray Melascreen Rich Sunscreen 50+ 40ml

This photoprotective cream helps limit and reduce sun-induced hyperpigmentations. It has a light, fine texture and also contains vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant that prevents the damaging effect..

BHD 12.810

Ducray Neoptide For Men Lotion -100 Ml Spary

DESCRIPTION : The néoptide men lotion  spray contains a duo of innovative actives that effectively target chronic male pattern hair loss.  contains ingrediants limits the action of the e..

BHD 31.763

Ducray Neoptide For Women Lotion (spray) 3x30 Ml

Description: Ducray Neoptide Anti-Hair Loss Treatment is specially designed to curb female chronic hair loss. It stimulates hair growth through its formula with Tetrapeptid + Neoruscine + Nicotina..

BHD 32.235

Ducray Nutricerat Shampoo- 200ml

DESCRIPTION : With its creamy texture and delicate fragrance, Nutricerat intense-nutrition shampoo is formulated with a very gentle cleansing base that makes hair soft and shiny. It gives hair the..

BHD 8.400

Ducray Nutricerate Emulsion 100 Ml

Description: Ducray Nutricerat Intense Nutrition Daily Emulsion is designed for dessicated hair, particularly at the level of hair ends. Thanks to the richness of the very nourishing Illipe Butter..

BHD 7.770

Ducray Squanorm Dry Dandruff Shampoo 200 Ml

Description: This shampoo contains three essentials actives that act rapidly and durably on the different factors originally of dry dandruff : - Glycolate de Guanidine : Ducray' patented Kerat..

BHD 8.925

Ducray Squanorm Oily Dandruff Shampoo 200 Ml

Description: Ideal for peaple have dandruff states associated to the oily scalp which presents itching. This shampoo contains 4 essentials actives to the treatment of oily dandruff : - Guanad..

BHD 8.925

Ducray Tonifying Gel (gel Rubefiant) 30ml

Description: The stimulation gel tonifies both the scalp and hair, helps to nourish the hair follicle Its balance restoring action strengthens the scalp and help to increase vigorous hair growth ..

BHD 9.083