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Essential Oils

Essential Oils
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Tisserand Rosemary Organic Essential Oil 9ml

 Description Distilled from the herb grown in Spain, rosemary is ideal in massage or the bath to stimulate the mind and relieve tired muscles. It blends well with grapefruit, lavender and lemon..

BHD 4.200

Tisserand Energy High Roller Ball 10ml

DESCRIPTION Energy High Pulse Point Roller Ball gives a burst of energy to tired bodies and minds. This invigorating blend combines 100% natural pure essential oils of stimulating Coriander, revital..

BHD 3.800

Tisserand Happy Vibes Roller Ball 10ml

DESCRIPTION Happy Vibes Pulse Point Roller Ball, is the perfect size to pop in your pocket or handbag to keep you smiling all day. This uplifting blend combines 100% natural pure essential oils ..

BHD 3.800

Tisserand Wild Rose Pulse Point Perfume - 10 Ml

Description: Precious French Rose is hand-blended with organic Jojoba, to create an elegant natural perfume. Contains only Pure Essential Oils, not Syntheic Fragrances. ..

BHD 6.700

Tisserand Aromatherapy Travel Ease Essential Oil Roll On Remedy - 10 Ml

Description: Refreshing & awakening with Grapefruit & Bergamot Mint ..

BHD 3.700

Tisserand May Chang Organic Essential Oil 9ml

 Description Tisserand May Chang Essential Oil is bright, uplifting oil with a stimulating, fizzy-fruity aroma. Ideal for vaporisation and massage. May Chang Oil, also known as Litsea Cubeba, ..

BHD 3.500

Tisserand Mind Clear Roller Ball 10ml

DESCRIPTION Mind Clear Pulse Point Roller Ball is a great solution for when you feel stressed and pressured and your head feels heavy. This cooling blend combines 100% natural pure essential oils of..

BHD 3.800

Tisserand Energise Roller Ball - 10 Ml

Description: Ideal for tired moments when stamina is needed in a neat handbag / cosmetic purse / pocket size. Euphoric organic bergamot oil Energizing organic grapefruit oil Uplifting organic l..

BHD 3.700

Tisserand Diet Aid Roll On Remedy - 10 Ml

Description: Ideal for weight control when motivation is needed In neat handbag / cosmetic purse / pocket size. Simply apply to pulse points í wrists, temples and neck í to benefit from the han..

BHD 3.700

Tisserand Head Clear Roll On Remedy - 10ml

Description: When you feel stressed and pressured and your head feels heavy, using Tisserand Head Clear Aromatherapy Roller Ball gives cooling and soothing relief and helps you find inner balance...

BHD 3.700

Tisserand Aroma-spa Diffuser

DESCRIPTION TISSERAND AROMA-SPA DIFFUSER  Ultrasonic aroma technology Electronic diffuser with light and mist modes Perfect for diffusing essential oils Create a delicate and fragrant a..

BHD 23.800

Tisserand Sleep Better Diffuser Oil 9ml

DESCRIPTION Sleep Better Diffuser Oil is for minds that struggle to switch off at bedtime. This dreamy blend combines 100% natural pure essential oils of soothing Lavender, warm Sandalwood and ca..

BHD 4.750

Tisserand Total D-stress Roller Ball 10ml

Description: Tisserand De-Stress Aromatherapy Oil roll on remedy is supportive & comforting to restore peace of mind. Tisserand De-Stress oil is ideal for frazzled moments when calm is needed...

BHD 3.800

Tisserand Little Box Of Energy Roller Ball Kit 3x10ml

DESCRIPTION The Little Box of Energy is perfect for when you want to live life to its fullest. Each Little Box contains three 10ml bottles that help you keep your energy flowing. Find Focus ..

BHD 8.560

Tisserand Frankincense Organic Essential Oil 9ml

 Description Extracted from the resin of the tree grown in Somalia, frankincense is ideal in massage or the bath to elevate the mind and bring peace to the senses. Blends well with bergamot, bl..

BHD 8.095

Tisserand Energy High Diffuser Oil 9ml

DESCRIPTION Use Energy High Diffuser Oil to envelop your senses with this naturally supercharged blend to help put a spring back in your step. Pure essential oils with lime, grapefruit and orange..

BHD 4.750