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Essential Oils

Essential Oils
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Absolute Aromas Ylang Ylang Extra Oil 10ml

Description Ylang Ylang has a beautiful exotic, heady, floral and sensual aroma. It is great for relaxing and soothing the mind and body and is also a well known aphrodisiac. Ylang Ylang is o..

BHD 7.600

Absolute Aromas Myrtle Oil 10ml

Description Myrtle is a pleasant, clear and fresh aroma resembling Eucalyptus but more delicate and less penetrating. With antiseptic and bactericidal properties that have been used for respirato..

BHD 6.400

Absolute Aromas Chamomile Maroc Oil 10ml

Description  Chamomile Maroc is a different botanical species and has a lighter, sweeter aroma. The chemical composition of Chamomile Maroc is not similar to the more commonly used Roman and..

BHD 22.600

Tisserand Marjoram Spanish Wild Crafted Essential Oil - 9 Ml

Description: Extracted from the herb grown in Spain, Marjoram (Spanish) is a stimulating, fortifying and warming oil with a rich herby aroma. Ideal in massage or the bath to strengthen the mind a..

BHD 5.400

Tisserand Sleep Aromatherapy Roller Ball-10ml

Description: Tisserand Sleep Aromatherapy Oil roll on remedy is calming & soothing to promote relaxtation. Tisserand goodnight oil is ideal for restless nights when total switch-off is needed...

BHD 3.700

Absolute Aromas Celery Seed Oil 10ml

Description  The essential oil is extracted by distillation from the seeds of this familiar plant. Celery seed is commonly used as a spice in cooking and all parts of the plant have traditio..

BHD 10.800

Absolute Aromas Angelica Root Oil 2 Ml

Description Angelica Root has a rich herbaceous aroma ideal for diffusing and is good for the immune and circulatory systems. 100% pure Angelica Root essential oil. How to use: Try adding 3..

BHD 11.400

Absolute Aromas Ho Wood Oil 10ml

Description Ho Wood has a sweet and relaxing aroma, which blends well with Cedarwood, Bergamot, Lavender and Geranium. It is uplifting and also calming. Ho Wood has a light, floral, woody scent a..

BHD 4.800

Tisserand Eucalyptus Organic Essential Oil - 9 Ml

Description: Distilled from the leaves grown in Spain, Eucalyptus is a strong, fresh and stimulating oil with a piercing balsamic aroma. Ideal for vaporisaton to clear the head and boost concentr..

BHD 2.380

Absolute Aromas Cajeput Oil 10ml

Description Cajeput is also strongly anti-septic and has a camphoraceous, fresh aroma. It is a great oil for the respiratory system and has an ability to disperse congestion. It has also been kno..

BHD 4.800

Absolute Aromas Niaouli Oil 10ml

Description Niaouli is a powerful, slightly sweet aroma with antiviral & antiseptic properties. Its varied uses range from rheumatic pain, respiratory infections, cuts and wounds and muscular ac..

BHD 5.500

Tisserand Oraganic Lemon Oil - 9 Ml

Description: Extracted from the rind of the fruit grown in Italy, Lemon is a light, refreshing and cheering oil with a sharp citrus aroma. Ideal for vaporisation to freshen a room and invigorate ..

BHD 2.800

Absolute Aromas Nutmeg Oil 10 Ml

Description Nutmeg has a sweet, warming, spicy aroma and is perfect for creating a festive atmosphere in your home.  How to use: Add 1 drop each of Nutmeg and Cinnamon Leaf, with 3..

BHD 6.300

Tisserand De-stress Rollre Ball Oil - 10ml

Description: Tisserand De-Stress Aromatherapy Oil roll on remedy is supportive & comforting to restore peace of mind. Tisserand De-Stress oil is ideal for frazzled moments when calm is needed...

BHD 4.100

Absolute Aromas Ravensara Oil 10ml

Description Ravensara has a clear, sharp, fresh aroma. It has cleansing, anti-septic and strongly anti-viral properties and is particularly good for respiratory problems. It is also a great oil f..

BHD 8.800

Tisserand Peppermint Essentail Oil - 9 Ml

Description: Extracted from the herb grown in North America, Peppermint is a strong, menthol-rich and refreshing oil with a sharp herby fragrance. Ideal for vaporisation to cleanse a room and ale..

BHD 3.900