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Essential Oils

Essential Oils
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Tisserand Eucalyptus Organic Essential Oil 9ml

DESCRIPTION Distilled from the leaves grown in Spain, eucalyptus is ideal for vaporisation to clear the head and boost concentration. Blends well with grapefruit, peppermint and rosemary.  ..

BHD 3.045

Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml

product features 100% Pure Antifungal and Anti bacterial Antiviral and Anti-inflammatory Kind to skin Directions: Apply one or two drops of neat oil to a cotton wool swab or bud an..

BHD 2.850

Tisserand Lavender Essential Oil Roller Ball 10ml

Description: If your skin is dry and sore, perhaps with a tendency to irritation, or you have overdone it in the sun, use Tisserand Lavender Essential Oil Roller Ball for soothing and instant reli..

BHD 4.100