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Floxia Deep Cleansing Shampoo Normal/dry - 200 Ml

Description: An innovative formulation, suiting normal to dry hair. It works alone or in combination with the hair serum, and helping revitalization, thanks to synergistic action of D-panthenol, a..

BHD 8.400

Floxia Deep Cleansing Shampoo Normal/oil - 200 Ml

Description : Suiting normal to oily hair thanks to its unique composition of active substances on the scalp. This shampoo : combines anti microbial and moisturizing molecules for the treatment of..

BHD 8.400

Floxia Disco Lightening Moisturizing Milk - 200ml

Description : This repairing milk quickly penetrates without leaving a greasy film and leaves the skin soft. It moisturizes immediately, intensely nourishes and repairs in depth. Forget tightness, ..

BHD 14.545

Floxia Exfoliating Soap - 125 Gm

Description: Floxia soap shows a quadruple action : natural peeling, cleansing, reinvigorating and helps unifying skin complexion thanks to various vegetal and marine extracts. On skin surface d..

BHD 3.625

Floxia Juvenia Eye Gel 15ml

Description : The Floxia Eye wrinkle reducer gives the skin around your eyes a fresh boost. Improvement of the microcirculation Reduces the depth of wrinkles, small red veins and dark circles..

BHD 11.235

Floxia Juvenia Time Ctrl Serum 30ml

Description : This serum combines the action of an anti-aging peptide, firming extract and hyaluronic acid for optimum lifting effect. Combats the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines Elasticit..

BHD 15.750

Floxia Micro Emulsion Spot Complex Control 40 Ml

Description: High technological emulsion : - helps prevent hyperpigmentation and spots - brightens dull skin tone - empowered with protecting, hydrating and mild peeling agents. MELANOSTATI..

BHD 13.075

Floxia Moisturizing Soothing Fluid 125 Ml

Description: This fluid smoothly helps moisturizing the epidermis, prevents and soothes signs of neurogenic inflammation thanks to the combination of : Known as skin protectant, Colloidal Oat..

BHD 9.815

Floxia Regenia Regenerating Cream 40 Ml

Description : REGENIA, THE NEW ANTI REDNESS CREAM. New formulation helping to : - reinforce blood capillaries - boost microcirculation - inhibit the propagation of inflammatory reactions - ..

BHD 9.815

Floxia Regulator Balancing Gel -40ml

Description: Daily face care for acne prone skin. This balancing gel provides a double seboregulating action, on surface and in depth. It balances oily skin and excess of sebum due to synergistic..

BHD 8.715

Floxia Sativa Soap 125 Ml

Description: Special for sensitive and dry skin conditions, this soap helps moisturizing the epidermis decreasing irritations and keeping a soft and smooth skin. Its unique combination of oat mea..

BHD 3.625

Floxia Soap Free Foam Purifier 150 Ml

Description: This foam purifies the epidermis, helps reinforcing hydration, decreasing irritation, while maintaining its natural defenses : Known as skin protectant, Colloidal Oatmeal reduces ..

BHD 7.770

Floxia Spf 50 Protoxio Tented 50 Ml

Description: New Sun Protection Range Powerful Sun Protection - Combination of 5 sun filters to offer a broad spectrum : UVA and UVB absorbers - Protection against photo damage and premat..

BHD 8.980

Floxia Striex Stretch Mark Cream -125ml

Description: Daily anti stretch marks cream. A unique association of active cosmetics agents which helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks caused by pregnancy or weight reduction and imp..

BHD 8.980