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Genove 10% Aha Lotion 250 Ml

GENOVE 10% AHA LOTION 250 ML Fluidbase 10% AHA Lotion is formulated with alpha-hydroxy acids. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and permits the appearance of young cells.&..

BHD 14.450

Genove Moist Dry Skin 50 Ml

GENOVE MOIST DRY SKIN 50 ML Facial Moisturising Cream nourishes and revitalises in-depth even the driest and most sensitive skins. Its formula, with components that mimic the skin' natural ..

BHD 10.500

Genove Nail Repair Gel 10 Ml

GENOVE NAIL REPAIR GEL 10 ML It nourishes and protects the nails, revitalizing and strengthening. ..

BHD 6.450

Genove Oatmeal Face Cleanser 150 Ml

GENOVE OATMEAL FACE CLEANSER 150 ML Oatmeal Facial Cleanser is a soap-free gel for daily use. Suitable for the facial hygiene of all skin types, as it does not irritate the skin.  ..

BHD 10.500

Genove Pilopeptan Anti Hair Loss Lotion 125 Ml

GENOVE PILOPEPTAN ANTI HAIR LOSS LOTION 125 ML Anti-Hair Loss Lotion, stimulates the  hair growth, increasing localised blood flow and revitalising the hair follicle. Strengthens your hair f..

BHD 10.500

Genove Pilopeptan Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 250 Ml

GENOVE PILOPEPTAN ANTI HAIR LOSS SHAMPOO 250 ML With its 4 active ingredients, Pilopeptan Hair Loss Shampoo stimulates the hair growth, increasing the flow of blood to the hair so that its..

BHD 8.800

Genove Retinol A/aging Cream 30 Ml

GENOVE RETINOL A/AGING CREAM 30 ML Providing natural moisture. Vitamin C  Stimulates the renewal process of epidermal cells thickening the skin and minimizing superficial fine lines and wr..

BHD 12.500

Genove Shampoo Anti-dandruf 250 Ml

GENOVE SHAMPOO ANTI-DANDRUF 250 ML Genové has developed an anti dandruff shampoo which has active ingredients that give proved anti dandruff protection. Is formulated to help protect against da..

BHD 7.500