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Hair Brushes

Hair Brushes
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Kent Coolhog Hairbrush Various Colours

Description: Small, colourful, cushioned, nylon ball-tipped brush For general brushing and styling. Small enough for handbags and also for children. ..

BHD 4.300

Kent For Men Gel Styler Brush (short Hair Model)

Description: The quills on this brush contain natural energy from Andosite quartz This energy produces negative ions which have beneficial properties to condition, stimulate, protect and promote ..

BHD 4.700

Kent Perfect Smoothing & Straitening Hair Brush

Description: Use to gently brush & shape all hair types. This rubber cushioned natural bristle & nylon brush is ideal for short & shoulder length hair. A fantastic little brush for str..

BHD 7.000

Kent Smoothing & Straightening Hair Brush

description : Kent' Salon Style is a comprehensive range of brushes used to create salon professional styles. Radial, hot curls, vents and paddle designs all with a definitive gloss black and c..

BHD 6.900

Kent Volumising Hair Brush - 22mm

Description: For general styling & maintenance of fringes, short hair and layers. ..

BHD 4.600

Kent - Bristle Baby Brush Set Model - Set Includes:1 Brush + 1 Comb

DESCRIPTION : A super soft white bristle brush and comb set. A beautiful brush for babyÕs hair. The soft bristle gently brushes the hair, encouraging growth and shine. About the Product ..

BHD 5.350

Kent Volumising Hair Brush For Detangling , Wet Hair

Description: Vented brushes speed up drying time as hot air can circulate directly through the brush and into the hair layers. Ball tips help protect the scalp from any scratching or damage to the..

BHD 5.100

Kent Taming & Straightening Hair Brush

Description: A medium paddle for medium – long hair.  De-tangles and tames.  The air cushioned heads massage the scalp. ..

BHD 3.800

Kent Large Spiral Bristle Radial Brush

Description: spiral filled radial brush made from beech wood and filled with the finest stiff black bristle. Ideal for longer fringes, mid-length hair and styling layers. The bristle grips the hai..

BHD 14.990

Kent 33mm Hot Curling Tool Ceramic Ks30

Ceramic coated heads absorb heat in a uniform manner and aid drying time and styling. Great for straightening bobbed hair and creating loose curls (for medium hair length and thickness). ..

BHD 6.900

Kent Smoothing & Straightening Hair Brush

Description: A small, 7 row, removable rubber padded, ball tipped brush, with a rubber handle. A handbag sized brush for everyday styling, grooming and brushing. (Short-medium length hair) ..

BHD 5.000

Kent Airhedz Glo Radial Brush

Description: Half radial 9 row, non-scratch, ionic quill brush. For medium-long hair. The ionic quills stimulate the scalp, and remove UV and pollution from the hair shaft. ..

BHD 5.300

Kent Head Hog Hair Brush

Description: Small,  cushioned, nylon ball-tipped brush For general brushing and styling. Small enough for handbags and also for children. ..

BHD 3.800