Hair Loss

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Enercos Bio-seal Hair Growth & Anti Hair Loss Shampoo - 200ml

bio-seal Hair Growth & Anti Hair Loss SHAMPOO- 200 ml An innovative Trichological anti hair loss shampoo , to boost hair growth & prevent its fall. An advanced formula: a combination enr..

BHD 4.000

Anivagene Women Ampoules For Hair Loss (14 Amp)

Description : ANIVAGENE Women Ampoules Fortifying & Energizing For Hair Loss is Scientific Hair Loss treatment for Women with hair enriching complex of IRIDIXINA -T & KAPILARINE, enhanced..

BHD 35.490

Phytophanere 120caps Hair And Nails Treatment

Description Designed to support healthier hair and stronger nails. This supplement is a lifesaver for weak, thinning, damaged hair and nails. Two capsules a day will create the look of fuller, ..

BHD 25.000

Vichy Energising Shampoo - A Complement To Hair-loss Treatments 400 Ml

The only shampoo with Aminexil, the effective cosmetic molecule that combats hair loss. For men and women suffering from slight to confirmed hair loss. Revitalised hair: for 90% of subjects...

BHD 8.500

Foltene Daily Nourishment Foam For Thinning Hair For Men 70ml

 Foltène Laboratories has developed a foam especially for men who suffer from fine and thinning hair. Hereditary, stress, lack of nutritive elements etc. can damage the thickness and volume of y..

BHD 18.400

Foltene Hair & Scalp Treatment For Men 12amp

Description :  Action: A single dose attack treatment based on the synergic action of TRICOSACCARIDE, Foltène PHARMA’s patented active ingredient and a REVITALIZING NOURISHING COMPLEX: TRIC..

BHD 33.890

Pilfood Direct Hairloss Treatment Ampoules 18

Anti Hair Loss Treatment in ampoules with PRO-ANAGEX, an active compound derived from Lupinus Albus (White Lupin) rich in peptides, vitamins and nutrients, that has a powerful effect on slowing down ..

BHD 20.000

Genove Pilopeptan Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 250 Ml

GENOVE PILOPEPTAN ANTI HAIR LOSS SHAMPOO 250 ML With its 4 active ingredients, Pilopeptan Hair Loss Shampoo stimulates the hair growth, increasing the flow of blood to the hair so that its..

BHD 8.800

Vichy Dercos Neogenic Redensifying Shampoo 400 Ml

Hair coverage is visible thicker, denser. Immediate and long lasting volume. 1st shampoo with Stemoxydine - patented molecule - + pro-densifying technology. Paraben free Hypoallergenic A crysta..

BHD 9.920

Pilfood Lotion Anti Hair Loss Spray 125ml

Description  PilFood Direct hair loss lotion is a hair loss lotion specially formulated as a daily hair loss treatment. It acts directly on the scalp by toning it, stopping hair loss and p..

BHD 11.000

Cystiphane Biorga Tablets 120s

Description For hair and nails. Hair loss tablets that stimulate re-growth thanks to cystine and B6 vitamin. Excellent tolerability with proven anti-hair loss efficiency. Zinc helps maintain nor..

BHD 36.000

Vichy Anti-dand Oily Scalp Promo 3 For 2

DESCRIBTION : powerful natural active ingredient, recognised clinically for its efficacy by dermatologists, attacks and eliminates even the most persistent dandruff. Cohesyl™ acts like a glue to..

BHD 16.950

Anivagene Woman Kit (ampules &shampoo50% Off)

Description : ANIVAGENE Women Ampoules Fortifying & Energizin g For Hair Loss is Scientific Hair Loss treatment for Women with hair enriching complex of IRIDIXINA -T & KAPILARINE, enhanced ..

BHD 41.490

Foltene Hair Loss Treatment (ampoules+shampoo) Pack Women

Foltene Pharma Shampoo for thinning hair Women 200 ml Foltène Laboratories has developed shampoo especially for women who suffer from fine and thinning hair due to stress, fatigue, diets, h..

BHD 36.990