Head Lice-

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Bitrin Head Lice Spray 100 Ml

Description A spray used to get rid of lice Easy use in dry hair  Does not contain pesticides Does not indicate neurotoxic effects Is odorless and colorless Skin-friendly fastest e..

BHD 3.950

Energy Anti Lice Shampoo 25 Ml

Description: Energy anti lice shampoo is the optimal help to prevent and to fight hair parasites. It is rich in essential oils, the principal one being the tea tree oil. Free from dioxin and fo..

BHD 3.100

V-care Lice & Nits Shampoo 200 Ml

V-CARE LICE & NITS SHAMPOO 200 ML Daily use shampoo for lice and nits. ..

BHD 6.250

Zapix Electronic Anti Lice Comb

Fighting off an invasion of head lice in children is a battle. The traditionnal ritual of treatments are generally effective but messy for the child, the parents and other family members. Today, the..

BHD 7.875

Zapix Special Egg Comb

o fight eggs in children?s when infested hair is a real headache. The treatment rituals and traditional eradicators are overall effective but very constraining for the child, moreover it is scientif..

BHD 5.200