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Isdin Fotoprotector Fusion Water Spf 50+ 50ml

Immediate absorption that provides a fresh sensation and a matte and silky finish - Leaves no oily residue: When applied, its filters melt like water delivering an invisible protection - Very H..

BHD 13.750

Isdin Fotoprotector Fusion Gel 50+ 50ml

 "Fotoprotector Fusion Gel Ideal photoprotection for outdoor activities. Suitable for men, hairy areas and the scalp. Benefits: Gives an immediate feeling of freshness. Eas..

BHD 13.750

Isdin Fotoprotector Fusion Air Spf 50+ 200ml

Dry mist body sun protector Easy to apply and instantly absorbed. Moisturises and refreshes without leaving a greasy residue, providing invisible protection with a dry finish. Suitable for a..

BHD 16.150

Isdin Fotoprotector Gel Cream Dry Touch Color Spf 50+ 50ml

 "Fotoprotector ISDIN Gel Cream Dry Touch SPF 50+ Daily protection, for normal, combination and oily skin types. Benefits: Provides a dry-touch matt effect, suitable for no..

BHD 13.750

Isdin Ceutics Flavo-c Auriga Serum 15ml

Its high concentration of vitamin C neutralizes free radicals, stimulates collagen synthesis and protects against the effects of UV radiation.  Makes skin more radiant, helps it regain its e..

BHD 35.590

Isdin Ceutics Flavo-c Ultraglican 30 Amp 2ml

 "Facial treatment in vials with an advanced combination of antioxidants and moisturizers to combat lack of firmness and fine expression lines. Benefits: Helps skin regain ..

BHD 66.040

Isdin Deo Lambda Control Cream 50ml

Benefits Antiperspirant deodorant cream for sensitive skin. Its creamy texture will leave your skin moisturized and fresh. Affords effective protection throughout the day. How to apply ..

BHD 6.800

Isdin Everclean Anti-imperfection Gel Cream 50ml

 Everclean Anti-Imperfection Gel Cream Recommended for blemished skin: spots, redness, shine, unequal tone and acne marks. Benefits: Helps to stimulate skin renewal, reducing blemishes and acne ..

BHD 15.150

Isdin Everclean On-the-spot Drying Gel 10ml

"ISDIN Everclean On the Spot Gel Reduce the size and redness of the imperfections. Promotes cell regeneration, leaving skin noticeably smooth and soft. Benefits: Helps to quickly redu..

BHD 7.050

Isdin Fotoprotector Wet Skin Transparent Spray 50+ 250ml

DESCRIPTION Isdin Fotoprotector Transparent Spray Wet Skin SPF 50+ 250ml for wet skin is a very high sun protection SPF 50+. Even applying it on wet skin, this protection acts immediately and ef..

BHD 14.000

Isdin Lambdapil Anti-hair Loss Shampoo 200ml

Adjuvant to the treatment of excessive hair loss, for men and women. Stimulates hair follicles and normalizes sebaceous gland secretion ..

BHD 10.100

Isdin Nutraisdin Nappy Cream Protective Cream 100ml

Its dexpanthenol content provides intense hydration, restoring the skin's barrier function. The antiseptic properties of zinc acid isolate the skin from irritants ..

BHD 7.050