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Jowae Vitamin Rich Moisturizing Revitalizing Eye Gel 15ml

Description It combines Lumiphenols with Kumquat, a superfruit rich in vitamin C and minerals. It also contains an extract of Ruscus that reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Th..

BHD 7.900

Jowae Moisturizing Overnight Recovery Cream Mask 40ml

Description Jowaé Moisturizing Overnight Recovery Cream-Mask Night 40ml is a night care for the face adapted to all skin types, even sensitive. This care is formulated based on several actives: - ..

BHD 9.400

Jowae Hand & Nails Moisturizing Cream 50ml

Description With antioxidant Lumiphenols & Camellia oil for Dry or damaged hands. 96% of ingredients are of natural origin Nourishes, repairs and protects. Skin is softer, more supple and ra..

BHD 3.200

Jowae Youth Concentrate Complexion Correcting 30ml

Jowaé Youth Concentrate Complexion Correcting 30ml is an anti-dark spots care based of Lumiphenols and white tea. It is adapted to all skins types, even sensitive. This concentrate contains antio..

BHD 12.400

Jowae Purifying Clay Mask 50ml

Description Jowaé Purifying Clay Mask 50ml with antioxidant lumiphenols and sacred lotus purifies combination to oily skin, even sensitive skin. This mask is an instant matifying care rich in pure ..

BHD 9.100

Jowae Hydrating Water Mist 50ml

Description Inspired by Korean lotions used after make-up removal to prepare skin for its treatment ritual, this water combines a refreshing Sakura blossom hydrolat with antioxidant Lumiphenols in a..

BHD 1.900

Jowae Replumping Water Mask 50ml

Description jowaé Replumping Water Mask  with antioxidant lumiphenols and sakura blossom water, plumps all skin types, even sensitive skins. This mask is an instant rehydrating care enriched w..

BHD 9.100

Jowae Nourishing Very Rich Cream 40ml

Jowaé Nourishing Very Rich Cream 40ml is a nourishing cream based on antioxidant Lumiphenols and Camellia oil. It is suitable for the dry to very dry skins, even sensitive. This cream contains ant..

BHD 6.400

Jowae Cleansing Micellar Foam 150ml

Description Jowaé Micellar Foaming Cleanser 150ml is a foam that gently cleanses and removes make-up, while removing impurities and pollution particles. This foam contains antioxidant Lumiphenols t..

BHD 6.300

Jowae Oil In Gel Make Up Remover 100ml

Description Jowaé Oil-In-Gel Cleanser 100ml is an oil-in-gel that gently removes all types of makeup (even long-lasting), pollution particles and impurities. This oil-in-gel contains antioxidant Lu..

BHD 6.300

Jowae Oxygenating Exfoliating Cream 75ml

Description Jowaé Oxygenating Exfoliating Cream 75ml is a cream that gently exfoliates, smoothes, removes, dead cells and pollution. This exfoliating contains antioxidant Lumiphenols and imperial p..

BHD 6.800

Jowae Purifying Cleansing Gel 200ml

Jowaé Purifying Cleansing Gel 200ml with antioxidant lumiphenols and sacred lotus cleanses and purifies oily skin, even sensitive skin. This gel cleanses gently, removes excess sebum and improves s..

BHD 4.900

Jowae Hydrating Water Mist 200ml

Jowaé Hydrating Water Mist 200ml is a care water with antioxidant Lumiphenols and Sakura blossom water. This care water is suitable for all skins types, even the most sensitives. It moisturizes, ..

BHD 4.400

Jowae Hand And Nail Nourishing Cream 50ml

Jowaé Hand and Nail Nourishing Cream 50ml is a cream specially formulated for the care of dry and damaged hands, based of antioxidant Lumiphenol and Camellia oil. This cream contains antioxidant Lu..

BHD 3.000

Jowae Wrinkle Smoothing Rich Cream 40ml

Jowaé Wrinkle Smoothing Rich Cream is a revitalizing anti-aging care for normal to combination skins, even sensitive, based of antioxidant Lumiphenols and Red Ginseng. This light cream contains a..

BHD 10.700

Jowae Protective Moisturizing Balm 125ml

Jowaé Protective Moisturizing Balm 125ml is a moisturizing and protecting balm that suits to all skins types even sensitive, based on antioxidant Lumiphenol and bamboo water. This moisturizing bal..

BHD 6.900