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Kent Wooden Barrel Imitation Badger Shaving Brush Large-vs70

Kent Wooden Barrel Imitation Badger Shaving Brush Large-vs70

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Product Description

Kent Shaving Range Offers shaving brushes: Wet shaving is one of the most effective skin care routines a man can indulge in. This traditional style of shaving is also the best, providing the closet and most comfortable shave available. Kent offers a range of badger and bristle shaving brushes to suit every face and every price point.

Why wet shave? Primarily a wet shave results in a closer shave than that of an electric razor. The preparation, the scents and strong link to the past, associated with high quality wet-shaving products, turn the process, often viewed as a chore, to a pleasurable process. Most men feel that their skin condition improves remarkably from the exfoliating nature of a wet-shave and the moisturising attributes of the products used.

Wooden socket, large size, pure bristle (badger effect). Large wooden socket filed with pure bristle and finished with a badger bristle effect.

• We do not use bristle from the European badger.

• Badger bristle traditionally comes from Manchuria, China. In these remote areas, the badger is regarded as vermin and numbers are controlled by culling.

The species is not endangered or protected. Kent is and always has been concerned that our raw materials satisfy every criteria of environmental and ecological protection.


A first rate shave is all about preparation and the right tools for the job. By following the process below, you will experience the ultimate shave:

The Shave

• Shave after the shower or wrap a hot soaking wet face towel across the face for 30 seconds.

• The hot water loosens the pores, the bristles of the beard swell, which also become soften

• Run your shaving brush under a hot tap until the head becomes heavy with water and shake out about two thirds. Too much water dilutes the shaving cream and if you are using shaving soap inhibits building up a good lather.

• Flick you brush across the soap bowl, rather than go around in circles. Badger hair is fine and the latter process will eventually wind the bristles tighter and tighter and cause them to snap or fall out.

• If using cream dip the brush into this and lather the skin in an upward motion.

• Hot steel cuts better than cold steel, so run your razor under a hot tap.

• Shave with the grain of the beard or stubble – generally a downward direction.

• As long as the blade is changed regularly (suggest once per week) the razor will glide along the skin with minimal pressure.

• For an extra close shave or stubborn growth re-apply lather and shave sideways across the skin in short strokes, again with minimal pressure.

• Rinse the face with clean water to close the pores and pat the skin dry, applying a suitable moisturiser.

• Rinse both razor and brush under the tap and shake off excess water.

• To prolong the life of the brush, turn upside down and place on a stand to prevent water settling in the base.

Safety Warning

For external use only. Care should be taken not to wind too much hair around full radials to avoid locking.

Box Contains

  • Pure bristle shaving brush

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