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Kordels Probiotica P3 Capsules 30 S

KORDELS PROBIOTICA P3 CAPSULES 30 S Dietary supplement for Digestive well-being and healthy Immune system. help supplement your body' natural diversity These organisms play an active..

BHD 13.680

Phyto-femme Cap 30's

PHYTO-FEMME Cap 30' Dietary supplement for women to support their general wellbeing. Description High strength 60mg Soy Isoflavones help with menopause. Unlike synthetic oestrogen us..

BHD 11.380

Herbal Sleep Cap 30's

HERBAL SLEEP Cap 30' Calming herbs for restful night' sleep. Kordel's Herbal sleep is an effective combination of herbs to aid the relief of ..

BHD 11.950

Kordels Super Organic Silica Cap 30's

SUPER ORGANIC SILICA Cap 30'  Dietary supplement, For healthy hair, skin and nails. This formula provides Horsetail herb: a natural source of organic Silica; plus the supporting nutrien..

BHD 12.300

Kordels Evening Prime Rose Oil 30's

KORDELS EVENING PRIME ROSE OIL 30' Dietary supplement. Primrose  capsules, extracted from Evening primrose oil, contains capsules of 1000 mg of Evening Primrose Oil, a natural remedy...

BHD 6.900

Kordels A Thru Z Tablet 60 S

KORDELS A THRU Z TABLET 60 S Dietary supplement, Multivitamins and Minerals.  Description: Kordel's A THRU Z provides the 21 essential vitamins and minerals which may be lacking..

BHD 10.920

Kordel's Calcium&magnesium Cap 30's

Calcium provides the building blocks that help keep bones and teeth strong and healthy. It also supports the health of the colon, heart, musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Magn..

BHD 7.930

Kordels Citrimax Plus Easi-slim Tab 30s

CITRIMAX PLUS EASI-SLIM Tab 30s Dietary supplement for slimming.  potent combination of ingredients that help to support a healthy metabolic rate and proper glucose management. Super CitriMax..

BHD 8.040

Herbal Laxative Tab 30's

HERBAL LAXATIVE Tab 30' Herbs for relieving constipation. Take 1–2 capsules at night with a large glass of water. ..

BHD 3.990

Kordels Joint Food Max Cap 60s

Description and Benefits Kordel’s Joint Food is specially formulated to provide basic nutritional support for cartilage, joints and ligaments. As a result of aging, poor diet or other factors, the..

BHD 14.000

Kordel's Omega Smart Bites Chewable Cap 30's

great source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids for children's healthy brain development, providing 350mg of DHA and 73mg of EPA for healthy brain function in each capsule.   ..

BHD 11.200

Kordel-gin-x-2000 Mg 30 Cap

Each capsule provides Herbal Extract equivalent to Siberian Ginseng Root 2000mg which: • Increases stamina and ability to cope with stress. • May be used in the treatment of ‘chronic fatigue syndro..

BHD 7.930

Kordels Carnix Capsules 30s

Carnitine is a substance that helps the body turn fat into energy Carnitine has been proposed as a treatment for many conditions because it acts as an antioxidant Antioxidants fight harm..

BHD 8.960

Prostaguard Plus Capsules 30s

PROSTAGUARD PLUS CAPSULES 30 s Kordels Prostaguard is a nutritional supplement to enhance the health of the prostate gland Kordels Prostaguard helps maintain a healthy prostate and helps to mi..

BHD 11.380