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Durex Play Cheeky Cherry 50ml

product features Durex Play Very Cherry is infused with the fresh taste and aroma of cherries; a fun and tasty way to sweeten up your experience.  Durex Play Cheeky Cherry lubes are safe..

BHD 3.600

K Lubricating Jelly 85gm

 product features A light silky lubricant jelly.   Safe and effective personal lubricant for vaginal dryness.   Use when intercourse is painful.   Water-s..

BHD 1.240

I-d Juicy Lube Pump Pina Colada 105ml

The pump bottle makes it easy to dispense some of this delicious lube onto your hands so you can rub it where you want can safely be used with any type of condom Being water-based, the ID Lube w..

BHD 5.200

Intimate Earth Melt Warming Lubricant - 60 Ml

Description: MELT is a premium, paraben-free, warming formula containing cinnamomum zeylanicum bark extract and natural plant derived glycerine. Creates a warming sensation on contact and blends n..

BHD 5.500

Intimate Earth Almond Aroma Oil Honey Almond 120ml

Description Our massage oil’s number one ingredient is almond and honey oil, which is the most nourishing oil for the skin and gives the very best glide. Creates a sensual setting. Will not..

BHD 6.200

Durex Play Gel Sweet Strawberry Flavor - 50ml

DUREX PLAY GEL SWEET STRAWBERRY 50ml Play Sweet Strawberry is a fun and fruity way to spice up your sex life. Enjoy the taste and aroma of strawberries all year round for a deliciously intimate exp..

BHD 3.600

Intimate Earth Sensual Massage Oil Cocoa Bean And Goji Berry - 120ml

Description: Intimate Earth Sensual Massage Oil helps to create an intimate setting and frees inhibitions for both partners. Our sensual massage oil blend contains certified organic extracts of..

BHD 6.990

Durex Play Perfect Glide 50ml

product features Durex Play Perfect Glide is a silicone base lubricant Doesn't dry out easily so you won't have to stop as often to re-apply Can ease vaginal dryness and intimate di..

BHD 3.990

Intimate Organics Aromatherapy Massage Oil Vanilla Chai 120 Ml

The exotic aroma of hot Vanilla Chai is perfectly captured in this indulgent Intimate Organics Massage Oil. Warm your body and your soul with this deliciously scented CHAI Aromatherapy Massage Oi..

BHD 6.200

I-d Velvet Silicone Waterproof Lubricant 125ml

Description: ID Velvet is made in Germany to strict standards. It`s unique formula is velvety smooth, extra long-lasting, fragrance free, never sticky or tacky, and never dries out; Designed..

BHD 9.990

Intimate Earth Discover G Spot Stimulating Serum - 30ml

Description: Intimate Earth G-Spot Stimulating Serum contains a blend of certified organic extracts, Peppermint Oil, Schizandra Chinensis and Fo-Ti, blended with L-Arginine. This unique formula..

BHD 9.500

Durex Play Gel Feel - 50ml

DUREX PLAY GEL FEEL 50ml A classic water-based lube. It' not sticky or greasy, it' simply a light, smooth lube that' been specifically designed to enhance pleasure and is safe to use with condoms. ..

BHD 3.600

Intimate Earth Aroma Oil Awake Black Pepper & Pink Grape Fruit 120ml

Description Black Pepper and Pink Grapefruit. Our massage oil  blend contains natural oils and certified organic extracts to soothe aching  muscles and create an invigorating setting. W..

BHD 6.200

Intimate Earth Gentle Clitoral Stimulating Serum, 30ml

Description: Intimate Earth Clitoral Stimulating Serum contains a blend of certified organic extracts, peppermint oil, natural damiana, L-Arginine and L-Ornithine to increase blood flow to the ..

BHD 9.500

Intimate Earth Relax Aromatherapy Massage Oil Lemongrass And Coconut - 120ml

Description Intimate Earth Relaxation Massage Oil helps to relax, unwind, and free your mind. It is beneficial for stress, muscle cramps, and tension. Our relaxing massage oil blend contains certi..

BHD 6.990

Intimate Earth Embrace Tightening Pleasure Serum-30 Ml

Intimate Earth Tightening Pleasure Serum contains a blend of certified organic extracts and natural capsicum in a water, sunflower and almond oil base. The unique formula causes the vaginal tissue t..

BHD 9.500