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Neutrogena Lip Balm 15oz

DESCRIPTION For soft and smooth lips.        This softens, smoothens and protects dry, chapped lips with no waxy feel. It forms an invisible film that protects the skin for 6..

BHD 1.600

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub 125ml

Clears breakouts with the goodness of grapefruits and Vitamin C. This scrub powerfully clears blemishes and blackheads with maximum strength. With salicylic acid, an acne fighter, and 100% naturally ..

BHD 4.750

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Purifying Mask

Description Neutrogena Purifying Boost Hydrogel Recovery Mask, instantly refreshes & soothes you tired skin, giving it an invigorating boost. Made from a 100% hydrogel purifying formula, Neutro..

BHD 1.300

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Mask

Description Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrogel Recovery Mask, with hyaluronic acid, instantly quenches dry skin and leaves it feeling hydrated and supple. Made from a unique 100% hydrogel formula, Neu..

BHD 1.300

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser

The gel cleanses deep down into the pores - dissolving dirt, oil and make-up. It then removes dead surface skin that can make your complexion dry, rough and dull. Finally it rinses clean, without ..

BHD 3.990

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Scrub 150 Ml

Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Scrub has a double action for tightened pores & mattified skin, providing a flawless-looking complexion.   Helps tighten pores: with its exfoliating m..

BHD 4.200

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Fairness Mask

Description Neutrogena Fairness Boost Hydrogel Recovery Mask, brightens the skin, boosts radiance and smoothens its texture. Made from a unique 100% hydrogel formula, Neutrogena Fairness Boost Hydr..

BHD 1.300

Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Scrub 150ml

The exhilarating way to cleanse deep. Dermatologist-tested, gentle formula lathers into a bubbly foam. Permeating into the skin as it washes away surface oil. Energizing micro pearls exfoliate awa..

BHD 3.990

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub 150 Ml

Blackhead-free skin for weeks and weeks. Works deep in the pores to prevent blackheads from developing for up to 3 weeks. Gentle exfoliating beads sweep away dead skin cells. Does not over-dry. ..

BHD 4.200

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Gel Cream 15ml

 Description A refreshing shot of hydration that works in 3 ways to fade away tired looking eyes                 At Neutrogena, we know that hydrat..

BHD 4.800

Neutrogena Visible Clear & Protection Daily Wash 200ml

Description Maximum strength efficacy to clear & protect your skin. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Clear & Protect Helps clear breakouts from day 1 plus preserves skin’s defense so skin finally ..

BHD 4.400

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Wash 200ml

Visibly Clear® Pore & Shine Daily Wash has a double action to unclog pores & mattify skin, providing a flawless-looking complexion.   Helps unclog pores: the formula cleanses deep down..

BHD 4.200

Neutrogena T/gel Total Shampooing 125ml

The shampoo Neutrogena T/Total Gel Severe Pellicular States 125ml decreases the severe dandruff at first use. Thanks to an exclusive combination of 5 ingredients whose effectiveness was clinically ..

BHD 5.600

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Timeless Mask

 Description Neutrogena Timeless Boost Hydrogel Recovery Mask helps reduces fine lines for a smoother, more youthful-looking skin Made from a 100% hydrogel purifying formula, Neutrogena Timele..

BHD 1.300

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fast Absorbing Hand Cream 75ml

Description : Immediately moisturizes hands. Light, non-greasy, hard-working formula intensely moisturizes, nourishes and helps repair skin’s moisture barrier. Skin is noticeably softer, m..

BHD 3.500

Neutrogena Deep Clean Make-up Remover Wipes 25's

These are ultra-soft, pre-moistened wipes that effectively and gently sweep away make-up, dirt and oil for clear, fresh skin. Oil dissolvers go deep into the skin to remove pore-clogging impurities ..

BHD 3.200