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Beauty Formulas Vitamin E Foaming Facial Wash 150ml

Description: Beauty Formulas Vitamin E foaming facial wash is an effective daily cleanser for clean, fresh skin. The rich foaming lather removes dirt, make up and other impurities that can b..

BHD 1.700

Derma V10 Body Butter Cocoa 220ml

DESCRIPTION :  Derma V10 Body Butters are formulated for a rich thick texture, suitable for normal to dry skin, leaving your skin feeling nourished and healthy looking DIRECTION : Scoop a..

BHD 1.145

Floxia Spf 50 Protoxio Clear - 50 Ml

Description : New Sun Protection Range Powerful Sun Protection - Combination of 5 sun filters to offer a broad spectrum : UVA and UVB absorbers - Protection against photo damage and premat..

BHD 8.550

Floxia Spf 50 Protoxio Tented 50 Ml

Description: New Sun Protection Range Powerful Sun Protection - Combination of 5 sun filters to offer a broad spectrum : UVA and UVB absorbers - Protection against photo damage and premat..

BHD 8.550

Joelle Jglow All Face Wash 150ml

J Glow wash deep refreshing cleansing face wash which creates a gentle lather that cleans and refreshes the skin. Instruction of use: use twice a day rinse thoroughly, pat skin dry. Leave for 1-2 mi..

BHD 12.900

Lierac Hydragenist Moisturizing Cream - 50ml

Description: This concentrated cream has 7% concentration of hydra 02 complex, this enveloping cream offers intense and long-lasting comfort. Apricot butter completes the formula for deeply nouris..

BHD 18.850

Pharmaclinix Lightenex Bright Blemishes Cream - 50ml

Description: Dermarollex® is available in eleven sizes for accurate treatments: Re-usable (single patient use) Cost Effective Simple sterilising procedure (wash & Hibiscrub) Highest qualit..

BHD 7.900

Pharmaclinix Lightenex Gold Deep Hyperpigmentation Cream -30ml

Description: Most resistant Hyperpigmentation,  Deep Dermal Melasma with hyperkeratosis. Lightenex Gold is particularly useful for thick dark grey-black areas of skin e.g.: Face ..

BHD 39.490

Pharmaclinix Lightenex Plus Skin Lightening Cream - 50ml

Description: This powerful extra strength formulation has been especially developed to address the problem of very dark & resistant hyperpigmentation. Dioic acid derivative is a powerful i..

BHD 37.190

Pharmaclinix Scar Repairex Smooth Scar Reducer - 50ml

Description: Scar Repairex Smooth contains anti-inflammatory agents, Vitamins C & E with salicylic acid in a silicone base. The unique formula contains ingredients that are clinically help to:..

BHD 7.900

Pharmaclinix Scar Repairex Ultra Smooth Skin - 30ml

Description: For old resistant extensive scarring eg. burns & keloids Scar Repairex Ultra is especially useful for: Scars more than 2 years Burns where hypertrophy is common Delayed &..

BHD 39.490

Pharmaclinix Sunblockex

DESCRIPTION : Moisturizing total sun block cream, containing titanium dioxide, which offers maximum protection against UVA & UVB ray. Protects against hyper pigmentation Does not leave a whi..

BHD 29.500

Skinceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector 30 Ml

DESCRIPTION : Advanced Pigment Corrector targets skin discoloration often caused by accumulated sun exposure, hormonal shifts, and the natural aging process. This multi-active comprehensive techno..

BHD 71.520

Skinceuticals Daily Moisture - 50 Ml

DESCRIPTION : Daily Moisture is a lightweight face moisturizer for normal to oily skin that hydrates, nourishes, and helps reduce the appearance of pore size. Formulated with an exclusive combinat..

BHD 54.990

Vaseline Petro Jelly Cocoa Butter 240ml

DESCRIPTION : Locks in moisture to help dull dry skin to heal Keeps your skin healthy and glowing all day Contains cocoa butter which is known to nourish your skin Gentle on your skin and non-c..

BHD 1.750

Vichy Idealia Bb Medium Cream 40ml

Description: Enriched with a unique complex (kombucha + UV filter system) and light reflecting pigments. Skin feels hydrated, texture looks refined and complexion appears illuminated. Everyday..

BHD 16.820