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Atkins Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Bar

Luxurious dark chocolate together with an assortment of mixed nuts, sea salt and a hint of caramel.  ..

BHD 0.990

Canderel Yellow Tab's 200's

DESCRIPTION : Did you know that you can save calories but still enjoy great sweet taste by using Canderel Ideal For Baking Tablets to sweeten your hot drinks? Each tablet is equivalent in sweetnes..

BHD 2.990

Atkins Penne 250 Gm

Pasta with all the flavour and 70% less carbs ..

BHD 2.700

Atkins Cappuccino Nut, Pack Of 5

A crunchy bar full of nuts and dipped in white chocolate. ..

BHD 3.900

Plamil So Free Intense Mint Chocolate Organic 80g

This intense mint organic dark chocolate thin bar has an irresistibly fresh peppermint taste, just like famous mint chocolate should taste. No milk, no nuts and gluten free. Ethically made by Plamil ..

BHD 1.810

Chocolate Love Organic Rich Dark Choc 71%

Description & features First encounter notes of red berries followed by fresh slightly acidic notes, a generous complex taste, finishing with a delicious chocolatey flavor and an excelle..

BHD 1.900

Chocolate Love Organic Dark Choc Panama Chocolate 80%

Description & features This pleasingly high-percentage chocolate is full-bodied yet mild, decadent and incredibly smooth with hints of nuts and an extraordinary chocolate flavor, ideal fo..

BHD 1.900

Atkins Ready To Drink Strawberry 330ml

Delicious strawberry protein milkshakes to fit into any low carb lifestyle.               ..

BHD 1.800

Montezuma's Chocolate Organic 73% Dark Chocolate Bar 100g

Description 73% Dominican Republic Very Dark Chocolate Full of antioxidants. Free From Artificial Colours Free From Genetically Modified Ingredients Free From Preservatives. Suitable for Vegan..

BHD 1.525

Plamil So Free Milk Alternative Chocolate Organic 80g

Description This Fairtrade organic milk chocolate alternative thin bar tastes just like milk chocolate. No milk, no nuts and gluten free, this dairy free milk chocolate is suitable for vegans. Ce..

BHD 1.810

Vitasnack Organic Roots Crunch 20g

Description 100% organic ingredients, Organic Roots Crunch (Beetroot & Sweet Potato) 20 g., seasonal selected. Just pure delicious vegetables. Gently dried. Uncooked, No Fried, No Baked, No F..

BHD 1.620

Vitasnack Organic Orange Crunch & Chocolate 32g

Description 100% Organic Orange and Chocolate. No frying, no salt added, no preservatives and flavor enhancers. Ideal as a snack or an ingredient for cereals, muesli, yogurts, etc. ..

BHD 2.000

Pukka Herbs Clean Matcha Green Tea 20 Sachet

Description Good news for spring-cleaning your mind, body and spirit Made with organic dandelion, fennel, green tea, lemon myrtle and licorice One sip and you're ready to sparkle Ethically so..

BHD 2.500

Vitasnack Organic Raw Mango Crunch 26g

DESCRIPTION  High in fiber natural antioxidants. High Vitamin C. Low in saturated fats and sodium. Improves absorption of iron and helps to regenerate the reduced form of Vitamin E. ..

BHD 2.200

Plamil No Added Sugar Alternative To Milk Chocolate 100g

All the taste of dairy milk but with no dairy or sugar. No added sugar chocolate is suitable for those allergic to dairy milk chocolate and vegans. Low in free sugars. Gluten free. ..

BHD 1.895