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Plamil So Free Dark Chocolate Coconut Blossom Sugar 80g

Description Organic dark chocolate bar with no milk, no nuts and no gluten. Made in the Plamil Chocolate factory in Kent, UK, using 100% renewable energy. Deliciously rich dark chocolate, suitabl..

BHD 1.810

Blanxart Premium Organic Dark Chocolate 85% Nicaragua 125g

Description Organic dark chocolate made with 85% Criollo and Trinitario cocoa from Nicaragua. Notes of lemon, orange, flowers and nuts. Gluten and additive free ..

BHD 2.990

Pur Gum Pomegranate & Mint Bag 80g

Description  PÜR Gum aspartame-free for  better tasting, long-lasting gum Natural flavors, colors, and sweeteners, 100% GMO-free combination of mint and pomegranate cooling sensatio..

BHD 2.990

Chocolate Stella Organic Milk Chocolate - 100g

Description: Chocolate from Organic and fair ingredients.  ..

BHD 2.150

Plamil So Free Dark Espresso Thin Chocolate 80g

Description This organic extra dark chocolate alternative thin bar tastes just like white chocolate made with milk. No milk, no nuts and gluten free. This vegan organic white chocolate is dairy f..

BHD 1.810

Vivani Dark With 92% Panama Cocoa Chocolate 80g

DESCRIPTION  "High percent" chocolate bar. The new flavour is made exclusively with top-quality Panama cocoa. This gives it a very mild taste despite the high cocoa content. Refined with coc..

BHD 1.620

Vivani Dark Nougat Chocolate 100g

DESCRIPTION  Dark chocolate with a clear hint of finest nougat – a mouth-watering temptation and unbelievable pleasure. may contain traces of almonds, milk, and wheat It doesn't c..

BHD 1.620

Just Natural Herbs Organic Fenugreek Seed 40g

DESCRIPTION  Fenugreek is a warming, savoury spice with complicated flavours. The seeds are used frequently in Indian cuisine to add a more interesting taste. Fenugreek is commonly taken as..

BHD 1.050

Pukka Herbs Supreme Green Matcha Tea 20 Sachet

Description  Good news for replenishing your magical powers Made with organic whole leaf green and the finest matcha powder Mornings are clean, green and supreme Ethically sourced, 100% org..

BHD 2.500

Vivani Fine Dark Chocolate With 85% Cocoa 100g

DESCRIPTION  Organic Cocoa, 85% minimum , Organic cocoa butter, Organic raw cane sugar. Fine dark chocolate. Just like heaven. It doesn't contain soy-lecithin! ..

BHD 1.620

Vivani Creamy Caramel Chocolate Bar 40g

DESCRIPTION  Finest milk chocolate with a core of wonderful creamy caramel. A pinch of sea salt makes this small delight complete. ..

BHD 0.665

Atkins Apricot Almond And Coconut Bar

Enjoy the crunchiness of raw almonds together with the chewiness of apricot and soft coconut. Available in 3 delicious flavors, these reduced carb & sugar bars are free from artificial colors, pr..

BHD 0.990

Phd Pharma Whey Cookies & Cream Bar 75g

What is Pharma Whey HT+? PhD Pharma Whey HT+ is a great tasting, high protein bar that is an ideal alternative to our Pharma Whey HT+ protein shake. All athletes require quality protein..

BHD 1.500

Vivani Dark Choc 55% With Roasted Almonds 100g

Description A chocolate treat for all dark chocolate lovers: freshly roasted almonds in a smooth and delicate dark chocolate – a unique and crunchy taste sensation. May contain milk and wheat co..

BHD 1.620