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Vivani Latte Macchiato Praline-nougat&white Chocolate 100g

DESCRIPTION  Vivani Latte Macchiato Praliné Chocolate Bar (100g) A delicate, creamy nougat bottom with a topping of white chocolate with Espresso crisps. May contain components of shell fru..

BHD 1.620

Atkins Coffee Ready To Drink 330ml

The Atkins Coffee RTD is a delicious shake made with real robusta coffee (so you know it's going to taste great!). Its low in sugar and carbs and packed full of protein making it the perfect shake..

BHD 1.800

Vitasnack Original Raw Sweet Potato Crunch 26g

DESCRIPTION  High in fiber natural antioxidants. High Vitamin C. Low in saturated fats and sodium. Improves absorption of iron and helps to regenerate the reduced form of Vitamin E. no ..

BHD 1.800

D & D Dairy Free Chocolate Chips 160g

product features Dairy and Gluten-Free Chocolate Chips. Ideal for baking, decorating or just eating as a treat. suitable for vegetarians ..

BHD 2.715

Vitasnack Organic Tomato Crunch & Basil 18g

Description After a process of becoming their fruits and organic vegetable texturized, they get a surprising and flavourful completely fresh and healthy crunchy pieces, without any additive or ch..

BHD 1.620

Chocolate Stella Organic Dark Chocolate 80% Cocoa - 100g

Description: Chocolate from Organic and fair ingredients.  ..

BHD 2.560

The Foods Of Athenry Flapjack Minis Just Oats 150g

Description Formerly Just Oats. Delicious mini flapjack bites packed full of wonderfully nutritious gluten & wheat free oats, baked with tummy calming ginger. Pure oat flapjack gently baked ..

BHD 2.600

Vivani White Nougat Crisp Vegan Chocolate Bar Rice Milk 35g

DESCRIPTION  A vegan highlight for all lovers of white chocolate. Finest Nougat caresses crunchy hazelnut brittle. Instead of milk with vegan rice drink powder. But there is hardly a differe..

BHD 0.665

Vivani Dark Cooking Chocolate Bar 200g

DESCRIPTION  For cakes and cookies, for truffles and desserts - from the finest ingredients. 200 g bar format. This particular shape makes it considerably easier to work with. May contain ..

BHD 2.475

Phd- Pharma Whey Ht+ Bar Choc Peanut 75g

What is Pharma Whey HT+? PhD Pharma Whey HT+ is a great tasting, high protein bar that is an ideal alternative to our Pharma Whey HT+ protein shake. All athletes require quality protein ..

BHD 1.500

Pur Gum Peppermint Bag 80g

Description  PÜR Gum aspartame-free for  better tasting, long-lasting gum Natural flavors, colors, and sweeteners, 100% GMO-free combination of peppery mint and cooling sensation to ..

BHD 2.990

Simpkins No Added Sugar Dark Chocolate Orange Bar 75g

Description Delicious, creamy dark chocolate with orange bar. One of the finest no added sugar chocolates on the market. Suitable for those on a sugar restricted diet. Made with sweeteners. Glut..

BHD 1.095

Chocolate Stella Organic Dark Chocolate With Chili - 100g

Description: Chocolate from Organic and fair ingredients.  ..

BHD 2.530

Green & Blacks Organic Milk Chocolate Bar 100g

DESCRIPTION  GREEN & BLACK'S Organic is USDA Organic, Fair Trade, and UN Certified Ethically Sourced chocolate. The rich taste comes from the full, dynamic flavor characteristics o..

BHD 0.715

Diablo Sugar Free Lemon & Cream Sweets 75g

Description Diablo Sugar Free LIME & Cream Sweets are the ever so tasty sugar free sweets with less than 13 calories per sweet!! Diablo Cappuccino & Cream sugar free sweets are the perfe..

BHD 0.950

Montezuma's Chocolate Mint Mini Bar 30g

Description Milk Chocolate 98% (Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin & Vanilla), Granulated Cane Sugar 2% & Natural Flavourings: Peppermint Oil. Fre..

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