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Eat Natural Cranberry- Macadamia Bar With Dark Chocolate 45g

DESCRIPTION creamy macadamia nuts and crispy puffed rice mixed in with shreds of coconut, cranberries and the real taste of dark chocolate. Fresh and natural flavors. Gluten-free low in salt ..

BHD 0.640

Emco Granola Gluten Free Strawberry And Almonds 340g

Description Emco Granola Gluten Free are granola that contains almonds and strawberries. It is wheat-free and contains no palm oil and also low in sodium. It contains buckwheat, millet and amaran..

BHD 1.900

Chocolate Stella Premium Bitter Sweet-crisp - 100g

Description: sugar-free products. Chocolat Stella produced the first chocolate without conventional added sugar ..

BHD 1.500

S&b ( Seed And Bean ) Dark 58% - Espresso Org 85g ,, Chocolate Bar

Seed and Bean is all about nature and creativity; contemporary, natural flavours, blended with pure cocoa beans into kaleidoscopic moments of pleasure. We scoured the globe to find the perfect coffee..

BHD 0.630

Divine Organic Dark Chocolate 95% Cocoa 80g

Description Exciting flavor varieties of deliciously rich dark chocolate, seriously smooth milk chocolate, and creamy white chocolate. Explore exciting flavor combinations from punchy raspberry, ..

BHD 2.286

Phd Diet Whey Bar Double Choc Brownie 65g

Key Benefits: What is Diet Whey Bar Diet Whey Bar is a delicious, on the go protein bar. The Diet Whey Bar possesses a soft, velvety centre topped with light protein crispies and a c..

BHD 1.300

Musli Crunchy With Strawberries & Almond 375g

Description Emco Musli Crunchy with Strawberries & Almonds is the healthy choice for your breakfast needs. Made with quality fruit and almonds pieces, they fill your hunger quickly and keep y..

BHD 1.400

Phd- Diet Whey Bar Coch Peanut Butter 65g

Key Benefits: What is Diet Whey Bar Diet Whey Bar is a delicious, on the go protein bar. The Diet Whey Bar possesses a soft, velvety centre topped with light protein crispies and a caramel la..

BHD 1.300

Disney Milk Chocolate Coins Mini Bars Assrt****


BHD 1.000

Booja Booja The Se Gift Col - Truffle Selection No.1 138g

product description  A mixture of banoffee toffee, hazelnut crunch, almond caramel and rhubarb, and vanilla organic truffles Dairy, gluten and soy-free. Vegan and organic Presented in a ..

BHD 9.600

Eat Natural Protein Packed Bar With Peanuts And Chocolate 45g

DESCRIPTION protein bar with a 45% peanuts into each bar with space for chunks of dark chocolate Fresh and natural flavors. Gluten-free Suitable for vegetarians ..

BHD 0.640

Montezuma's Organic Milk Chocolate Giant Buttons 180g

Description smooth organic milk chocolate  Free From Artificial Colours Free From Genetically Modified Ingredients Free From Preservatives. Suitable for Vegans. ..

BHD 2.190

Airborne Honey For Tea 500g

Now from Airborne, the  BEST HONEY FOR TEA! A delicate honey, specially matched to enhance the flavour of your favourite tea. In an easy to use squeeze bottle with a non drip nozzle. ..

BHD 13.500

Simpkins No Added Sugar Dark Chocolate Bar 75g

Description Delicious, creamy dark chocolate bar. One of the finest no added sugar chocolates on the market. Suitable for those on a sugar restricted diet. Made with sweeteners. Gluten-free. &n..

BHD 1.095

Bounce Coconut & Macadamia 40g

Description A delicious combination of coconut, macadamias, cashews, organic agave syrup and whey protein, the Coconut Macadamia Protein Energy Ball is a great source of high-quality protein that..

BHD 1.200

Cocofina Organic Coconut & Pineapple Bar 35g

product features Organic coconut and pineapple delicious bar Made from four organic ingredients Provides a good source of nutrition Good for gluten-free snacking A great snack for coconut lo..

BHD 0.950