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Oral-b 3 Effect Maxi Clean Toothbrush (medium)

Oral-B quality. Maxi Clean brush technology. The Maxi Clean Toothbrush combines quality with innovation. With its unique triple-fan bristles, specially designed to reach deep between teeth to remove ..

BHD 0.650

Oral-b Complete Extra White Toothpaste 100ml

Oral-B Complete Extra White toothpaste gives you a whole mouth clean and helps keep the natural whiteness of your teeth. Its gentle whitening ingredients act as stain erasers, removing surf..

BHD 1.100

Oral-b Precision Clean Toothbrush Head

The Oral-B Precision Clean bristles reach deep between teeth and cover more surface, leaving your whole mouth cleaner than a regular manual, and power away up to 100 % more plaque for a precise clean ..

BHD 5.300

Oral-b Pro-expert All Around Protection Fresh Mint Toothpaste 75ml

Oral-B Pro-Expert All Around Protection toothpaste is developed with the help Oral-B experts and protects the 8 areas dentists check most. Formulated with Stannous Fluoride Complex™, Oral-B Pro..

BHD 2.300

Oral-b Pro-expert Professional Protection Mouthwash 250 Ml

Oral-B Pro-Expert Professional Protection mouthwash for bad breath is an effective everyday support for people who need additional help in mouth hygiene. A pleasant mint taste leaves a sensation of ..

BHD 1.952

Oral-b Pro-expert Professional Sensitive Toothpaste 75ml

 Oral-B Professional Sensitivity toothpaste for sensitive teeth Rapidly relieves and prevents teeth sensitivity Thanks to its formula, Oral-B Professional Sensitivity toothpaste protects agains..

BHD 2.400

Braun Oral B Tooth Brush Stages Star Wars-d12513ksw

Description   Designed to help kids brush well -2 Minutes Timer: Signals to let kids know when they achieve 2 minutes of brushing time. Daily Clean: Comprehensive everyday cleaning ..

BHD 14.990

Oral B Floss Satin Tape Mint 25m

Description  Oral-B Satin Floss is made of a silky ribbon-like floss that wraps comfortably around fingers and slides smoothly between teeth and below the gum line for a more elegant experie..

BHD 1.400

Oral B Floss Super 50m

Description  Oral-B Super Floss is ideal for cleaning braces Cleans around appliances and between wide spaces Removes plaque under the gumline Supplies you with pre-measured strands a s..

BHD 1.700

Oral B M/wash Pro Expert Deep Clean Mild Mint 500ml

Description  Oral-B Pro-Expert Deep clean mouthwash for bad breath is an effective everyday support for people who need additional help in mouth hygiene A pleasant mint taste leaves a s..

BHD 3.095

Oral B Pro-expert Clinic Line Interdental Refill

Description  For effective cleaning around bridges, braces and wide interdental spaces. Easy to use snap lock head holds brush firmly in place. Even with correct and thorough brushing, you..

BHD 1.450

Oral B Tooth Brush Stage 4 Grfti 8 Years

Description  Stage 4 (8+ Years) A toothbrush designed for children aged 8 and up. Children 8 years old and up have first teeth, permanent teeth, and gaps. It’s important for them to brus..

BHD 1.500

Oral B Tooth Brush Stages 3 (5-7years) Soft

Description  Stage 3 (5–7 Years) Designed specifically for kids aged 5–7, Stage 3 toothbrush features designs with Disney characters to make brushing fun. At this stage, kids are learnin..

BHD 1.500

Oral-b Oral B Pro-expert Crossaction Antibacterial Toothbrush - 40 Medium

Description  Oral-B Pro-Expert cross action Antibacterial manual toothbrush comes with CrissCross bristles that attack plaque from a perfect 16° angle. The toothbrush cleans along the gum ..

BHD 2.700

Oral-b Pro-expert Stages 1 (4–24 Months) Soft

Description  Stage 1 (4–24 Months) A toothbrush designed for babies aged 4–24 months. Even before teeth come in, it’s time to start gently brushing your baby’s gums. Be ready with a toot..

BHD 1.500

Oral-b Tooth Brush Pulsar Deep Clean 35 Soft

Description  Pulsar has soft vibrating bristles that help break up plaque between teeth. Just turn it on and brush as you would with a regular manual brush. Plus, Pulsar’s pressure-sensiti..

BHD 3.900