Oral Care
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Aloedent - Triple Action Aloe Vera Mouthwash- 250ml

The mouthwash with natural Aloe Vera provides white teeth and healthy gums. It contains many natural ingredients such as grapefruit, tea tree and xylitol. The mint provides fresh breath. The produ..

BHD 2.600

Aloedent- Toothpaste Junior Strawberry Flavor 50ml

For children: strong teeth and healthy gums - SLS without fluoride. Taste STRAWBERRY ALOE DENT - TOOTHPASTE JUNIOR STRAWBERRY FLAVOR - toothpaste specially designed for children, who greatly apprecia..

BHD 1.900

Aquafresh Between Teeth Toothbrush Soft

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BHD 1.500

Colgate Dntl Maximum Cavity Protection 50ml

PRODUCT FEATURES Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection  contains fluoride which is fight cavities on teeth surfaces and exposed roots.  The liquid calcium formula helps to strengthen t..

BHD 0.400

Colgate Plax Fresh Tea Mouth Wash 250ml

product features Alcohol-free mouthwash provides complete oral care with 10 benefits in 1 Removes over 99% of germs that cause bad breath and cavities Helps prevent cavities with Fluoride F..

BHD 2.250

Colgate Tooth Paste Natural Extracts Lemon 75ml

PRODUCT FEATURES Colgate Natural Extracts Ultimate Fresh Lemon Toothpaste is inspired by the tradition of Asian ingredients for healthy teeth and gums. Exclusively formulated with natural ext..

BHD 2.476

Crest T/paste Kids 50ml

product features The Crest Raspberry Flavour Toothpaste is specially made for kids.  Its exciting raspberry flavor eliminates bad odor.  The unique formulation provides improved ca..

BHD 0.500

Elgydium Anti-plaque Medium Toothbrush

Effectively removes plaque. With rounded bristles. Cover for the head for added hygiene. The color may vary. ..

BHD 1.800

Euthymol Tooth Paste 75ml

Description  A special blend of antiseptic ingredients It also has the distinctive strong taste of Euthymol. Essential flavor oils to help keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy Fre..

BHD 1.990

Gum Hali Control Mouth Wash 300ml

Restores a pure healthy breath Pure healthy breath Captures and neutralizes malodor compounds in the mouth Blocks the formation of malodorous gases Instant fresh breath Masks bad breath providing i..

BHD 2.300

Listerine Reach Tooth Brush Advanced Care Dual Effect Medium

REACH Dual Effect Advanced Care Toothbrush is specially designed with angled-neck, soft bristles to clean those hard-to-reach places. With gentle rubber stimulators that massage the gums while..

BHD 1.490

Parodontax Ultra Clean Tooth Paste 75ml

Description : parodontax Ultra Clean removes the bacteria that can cause bleeding gums to keep gums healthy, teeth strong and your mouth feeling extra clean and fresh. parodontax Toot..

BHD 2.990

Sensodyne Tooth Brush Complete Protection Medium

Description  Sensitive teeth need special care. Twinges can be a sign that teeth are vulnerable, due to enamel loss or gum recession. The Sensodyne Complete Protection toothbrush, with its..

BHD 2.600

Sensodyne Tooth Brush True White Soft

DESCRIPTION  Sensodyne Toothbrush True White Specially designed for people with sensitive teeth. Advanced cleaning bristles help remove plaque from your teeth. clean in hard to reach areas ..

BHD 2.600