Oral Care
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Gum Paroex Intensive Action Gel

Toothpaste does not contain any SLS or irritating anionic foaming agents for a gentle action on the oral mucosa and to ensure maximum bio-avaliability of CHXToothpaste nourishes, soothes and revital..

BHD 2.666

Aquafresh Between Teeth Toothbrush Medium

  Inspired by dental floss for deeper reach between teeth Extended   super slim bristliest reach deep in between teeth Preparation and Usage Use Aquafresh® toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash..

BHD 1.500

Bs-30m T/b Head Set Sonic Med 4 Color Ring-6024668


BHD 1.600

Elgydium Anti-plaque Medium Toothbrush

Effectively removes plaque. With rounded bristles. Cover for the head for added hygiene. The color may vary. ..

BHD 1.800

Elgydium Clinic Dental Floss Fluoride Mint 35 M

Waxed floss with fluoride. Disinfects in depth. Refreshing mint flavor. Floss 35 m. ..

BHD 1.400

Elgydium Creation Soft Toothbrush

Product description Elgydium Creation Soft Toothbrush ..

BHD 1.700

Elgydium Dental Floss Chlorhexidine 50m

Elgydium Floss  is composed for 136 thin filaments and should be used to favor removal of plaque, for a more careful hygiene. Characteristics Active antiseptic; Anti plaque; Not ..

BHD 1.400

Elgydium Kids Toothpaste Gel Decay Protection Red Berries 2/6 Years Old 75ml

The milk teeth of children have a finer and less mineralized enamel than final teeth. Elgydium Kids Toothpaste Gel Decay Protection 2/6 Years Old 2 x 50ml brings an effective protection to the milk ..

BHD 1.619

Elgydium Whitening Toothbrush, Medium

The Whitening Toothbrush: sophisticated design provides comfort and control, and the double rows of diamond-rounded bristles use Microball technology for gentle cleaning, whitening and increased rem..

BHD 1.800

Listerine Miswak Mouthwash 250ml

Description LISTERINE Miswak mouthwash fights millions of germs with a powerful combination of science and natural miswak extract. LISTERINE   MISWAK will leave your mouth p..

BHD 1.990

Tepe Toothbrush Soft Blister

Description: TePe Compact Toothbrush comes with a smaller brush head and an ergonomic handle is popular both among children and among adults who prefer a smaller toothbrush. TepeCompact Toothbrus..

BHD 0.990