Oral Care
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Aloedent- Aloe Vera Mouthwash Sensitive 250ml

The mouthwash with natural Aloe Vera provides white teeth and healthy gums. It contains many natural ingredients such as grapefruit, tea tree and xylitol. The mint provides fresh breath. The produ..

BHD 2.600

Aloedent- Toothpaste Junior Strawberry Flavor 50ml

For children: strong teeth and healthy gums - SLS without fluoride. Taste STRAWBERRY ALOE DENT - TOOTHPASTE JUNIOR STRAWBERRY FLAVOR - toothpaste specially designed for children, who greatly apprecia..

BHD 1.900

Elgydium Clinic 7/100 Soft Toothbrush

With rounded bristles. Cover for the head for added hygiene. 7/100 bristles. Extra soft. ..

BHD 1.800

Elgydium Clinic Dental Floss Expanding Anti Plaque 25m

Waxed expanding floss. Refreshing mint flavor. Expands between the teeth. Floss 25m. ..

BHD 1.400

Listerine Green Tea Mouthwash With Fluoride 250ml

    The benefits of LISTERINE GREEN TEA     Listerine Green Tea Mouthwash with fluoride to keep natural tooth strength. Fights plaque to promote gum health.  &..

BHD 1.700

Sensodyne Original 75 Ml

     Sensitivity relief* Help to reduce plaque* It contains Strontium Chloride that helps reduce pain of sensitive teeth* Sensodyne Original is specifically formulated ..

BHD 2.300

Tepe Compact Tuft Toothbrush

Description: Angled brush with a compact, dome-shaped tuft Excellent for cleaning along the gumline, around and on fixed orthodontics, implant abutments for over-denture and wisdom or newly erupt..

BHD 1.200

Tepe Interdental Brush Pink 0.4 Blister

Description: interdental brushes have plastic coating on the wire for safe and gentle cleaning. The interdental brushes can also be used for cleaning around implants or braces. ..

BHD 2.100

Tepe Interspace Brush

Description: TePe Interspace is an angled brush with a pointed tuft, which makes it easier to clean difficult to reach areas, around implants and behind the last tooth. ..

BHD 1.300