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Flamingo Cool Eyes

DESCRIPTION  Provides relief to strained eyes Easy to apply and can be used as an eye mask while sleeping Recommended for consumers having prolonged exposure to a computer screen, televis..

BHD 1.500

Opsite Spray Dressing 240ml

OPSITE SPRAY DRESSING 240 ml Helps to provide protection for dry minor surgical and surface wounds. ..

BHD 3.750

Flamingo Cool Pack - Large

Description  Its unique cooling therapy helps you relive most of the body aches The coolest and easiest solution for stress and pain Non - toxic gel, Leak resistant Flexible even when ch..

BHD 2.650

Flents Plastic Eye Wash Cup

Description: Safely flushes out debris Dilutes chemical irritants Helps to refresh red, tired eyes One size fits all ..

BHD 0.600

Flents Toothpaste Tube Wnder

DESCRIPTION: Never waste toothpaste again with the Toothpaste Tube Winder. Fits on the end of any toothpaste tube and easily winds to dispense toothpaste. No more squeezing the tube to get the las..

BHD 1.750

Flents Soft Foam Ear Plugs

Description: Contains 4 pair of ear plugs Uniquely curved for a comfortable fit 33 Noise Reducing Rate ..

BHD 2.800

Seaties Hygienic Wipes For Toilet Seats - 10 Wipes

Description: Lemon-scented towelettes used to wipe lavatory seats prior to use Each box contains 10 individually sealed hygienic wipes ..

BHD 3.900

Scholl Corn Shield Gel Plasters Pack

DESCRIPTION : Instant pain and pressure relief. Protect against friction and rubbing Provides cushioning Adds moisture to the corn, to aid removal Clear and discreet Stays firmly in place ..

BHD 4.500

Calibrated Medicine Dropper 5ml

Description: Ideal for giving liquid medication to infants and toddler, 1 tsp (5ml) delivers an accurate dose safely and easily.  ..

BHD 1.000

Ventilated Eye Shield-adult

Description: Hold sterile Eye patch in place. protect the eye from further injury or irritation. Allow air ciculation to eye and arrounding skin. ..

BHD 1.600

Swim Caps

Description: Latex rubber lightweight  one size fits all ..

BHD 3.700

Fashy Moor Gel Heat Pack

DESCRIPTION : Fashy has been making high quality hot water bottles since 1986. This classic home remedy has a variety of uses and benefits: Soothes aches and pains related to sports injury, mens..

BHD 4.000

Ezy-cut Tablet Cutter

Description: The Deluxe pill cutter cuts pills in half making them easier to swallow. The stainless steel blade cuts with precision and ease.  With built in magnifier. ..

BHD 2.450

Kleenex Bathroom Tissue 200 Sheet 4 Rolls Assorted

Description Embossed for extra drying 4 rolls Contain 200  ply  withe sheets for long-lasting use A high-quality toilet tissue brings the comfort to your home or office. Kleenex to..

BHD 1.100