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Good Health Cloth Ice Bag 9 Inch

DESCRIPTION : quart capacity classic english-style ice bag provides cool, soothing relief of pain and inflammation. Conforms to every part of the body. ..

BHD 4.100

7 Day Stackable Pill Case Reminder Organizer Multi-colored

Description: Contains 7 individual compartments With Extra Lid & Label Perfect for travel or home use ..

BHD 2.800

Classic Cane Acrylic Derby,champagne

Description: A very smart beech wood derby cane, stay,  Perfect for everyday use, this cane is also glamorous enough for evening occasions.   ..

BHD 25.900

Detox Foot Patch

DETOX FOOT PATCH Dispel toxins and maintain beauty. Who should use foot patch?     People who use mobile phones.     People who wish to get slim & beautiful and..

BHD 7.000

Ezy Dose Medicine Dropper-1 Ml

Description: Ideal for giving liquid medication to infants and toddler,  delivers an accurate dose safely and easily.  ..

BHD 0.900

Ezy Dose Calibrated Oral Syringe

Description: A calibrated 5 ml syringe with a unique design allow medication to be drawn directly from the bottle.  ..

BHD 1.100

Flents Dosing Aid Glass Dropper

Description: Flent Eye & Ear Medicine Droppers. Glass is nonreactive and is the most desirable dropper to use with any proper medication. Ideal for drops in eyes or ears. Also great for medi..

BHD 0.600

Flents Wipe 'n Clear Pre-moistened Lens Wipes-20 Piece

Description: Dries instantly & is streak-free Lifts of grease & dust without scratching Are perfect at home or work 20 Individually wrapped Extra Large Lens Wipes can be used for clea..

BHD 2.400

Pharmadose Medication Organizer 4 Per Day / Weekly

Description: Tray slides out for easy filling Medication schedule visible on back panel Use with or without locking device Each compartment holds up to 20 aspirin tablets ..

BHD 3.750

Pic Thermogel 10x10cm

DESCRIPTION : thermogel uses the natural power of heat and cold as it' practical and safe  it' thin thanks to its fabric sheet  it' new gel formula provides comfort ..

BHD 2.090

Pic Two Sided Ribbed Hot Water Bag With Cover -

DESCRIPTION : Bags designed to hold hot water safely, they are for applying to pain points on your body to bring you quick relief. Easy to use, effective do-it-yourself heat therapy. They relieve..

BHD 4.950

Pockettes Pill Container

Description : Our Pockettes Pillbox is small enough to fit in your pocket yet large enough to carry multiple medications for on‑the‑go adherence needs. Staggered tabs on the top and the bottom of ..

BHD 0.600

Scholl Corn Complete Treatment Kit - 6 Pieces

Scholl Corn Foam Cushions have a dual layer of foam for maximum cushioning and pressure relief for corns. The bottom layer has a low density, making it soft and comfortable. The top layer is denser a..

BHD 3.990

Swim Plugz Child Earplugs 6s 3 Pairs

DESCRIPTION :  Swim Plugz are high quality swimming earplugs designed to help prevent water entering the ear canal to reduce the risk of infection or reduce pressure. These earplugs are a tri..

BHD 2.300